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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br />Background <br />Recognizing the importance of providing year-round safe andaccessiblesidewalk conditions to <br />support active transportation and environmental objectives, the Council requested staff to prepare <br />a report outlining alternative winter sidewalk maintenance options.In early 2018,staff initiated the <br />Winter Sidewalk Maintenance Review and through this review,winter sidewalk maintenance <br />programoptions weredevelopedand presented to Council in June 2018. The programs approved <br />by Council namely: Proactive Inspection, Assisted Services for Sidewalk and Windrow Clearing, <br />and Neighbourhood Shared Snow Blowerwere implemented and evaluated in the 2018/2019 <br />winter season. This report presents the results of the program evaluation,and recommends seven <br />program components to be carried forward. <br />PilotsEvaluation Results <br />Staff evaluated the effects of the proactive inspection on sidewalk conditions through quantitative <br />and qualitative data analysis. On the basis of the past winter pilot, the proactive approach to by- <br />law enforcement, which includes the high profile communications strategy supporting this, <br />appears to have worked. In the 2018/2019 winter season, fewer notices and clearings were <br />required compared to what was expected based on the past five year trend.This improvement <br />can be attributed to the proactive inspectionpilotand the raised awareness aroundthis program. <br />Staff evaluated the effectsof the assisted services for sidewalk and windrow clearing through <br />targeted surveys. The evaluation indicates that the program was stronglysupported by those that <br />received the service. It was run successfully via the Working Centre and was fully subscribed. <br />Staff evaluated the effectsofprovidingcommunitysnow blower grants on sidewalk conditions <br />through targeted inspections and surveys.The evaluation results showedcommunity benefits in <br />most instances where grants were awarded. The inspections showed that the snow blowers were <br />not effective in reaching the bare pavement requirement especially during ice events. The <br />program was supported by those that received the service. However, despite being limited in <br />scope, staff were unable to encourage communities to apply for the program which resulted in <br />awarding eight grants out of the 10grants. <br />Public Engagement Results <br />During this winter season through media, social media and the Engage platform, the City became <br />awareof the following: <br />There isastrong desire,based on the comments received,for the City to undertake <br />maintenance ofsidewalks. <br />Residentshave expressedconcernson relying on an enforcement approach against a <br />standard that is perceived as unrealistic to be achieved by residents. <br />Residentshave requested more communications andsimplermeans to reportuncleared <br />sidewalks. <br />While useful as an indicator of public opinion, these platforms do not provide a statistically <br />representative sample of the Community. <br />pg. 2 <br />*** This information is available in accessible formats upon request. *** <br />Please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994 for assistance. <br />11 - 2 <br />