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<br />PLANNING & STRATEGIC INITIATIVES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br /> <br />MAY 13, 2019 CITY OF KITCHENER <br /> <br />The Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee met this date, commencing at 4:55 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: Councillor S. Marsh, Chair <br />Councillors D. Chapman, S. Davey, K. Galloway-Sealock, J. Gazzola, B. Ioannidis, M. <br />Johnston, C. Michaud, D. Schnider and P. Singh. <br /> <br />Staff: M. May, Deputy CAO & General Manager, Community Services <br /> J. Readman, General Manager, Development Services <br /> C. Bluhm, Executive Director, Economic Development <br /> A. Pinard, Director, Planning <br /> L. Tansley, Assistant City Solicitor <br /> D. Ross, Manager, Development Review <br /> M. Love, Manager, Service Coordination and Improvement <br /> J. vonWesterholt, Senior Planner <br /> A. Pinnell, Planner <br /> C. Dumart, Junior Planner <br /> R. Kelly-Ruetz, Technical Assistant <br /> D. Saunderson, Committee Administrator <br /> J. Rodrigues, Committee Administrator <br /> <br />1. DSD-19-106 - CRoZBy - NEW ZONING BY-LAW (STAGE 1) <br /> - DEFERRED ITEMS: URBAN GROWTH CENTRE BONUSING/ZONING <br /> <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD-19-106, dated May <br />3, 2019, regarding the Urban Growth Centre bonusing provisions proposed through the <br />Comprehensive Review of the Zoning By-law (CRoZBy) that were deferred at the April 29, 2019 <br />Council meeting. Mr. B. Sloan presented the Report. Mr. A. Pinard and Mr. C. Bluhm were in <br />attendance to respond to questions from the Committee. <br /> <br />Mr. J. Minnes, Gowling WLG LLP, addressed the Committee on behalf of various property <br />owners, specifically the properties municipally addressed as 32 Duke Street East, 2-22 Duke <br />Street East, 49 Queen Street North, and 84 Frederick Street. He noted staff were in receipt of <br />individual written submissions for each of the subject properties. He requested Council consider <br />deferring approval of the new Zoning By-law until the Province has finalized Bill 108, stating in <br />his opinion it is premature to approve bonusing and new Zoning regulations, pending the <br />outcome of the proposed Provincial changes. <br /> <br />Ms. S. Ahn, Shuh, Cline & Grossman LLP, addressed the Committee in opposition to approving <br />the proposed Zoning for the properties municipally addressed as 17 Weber Street West and <br />149-151 Ontario Street North/21 Weber Street West. She stated is one of the owners of 17 <br />Weber Street West and they only received notice on May 10, 2019 that their Zoning was <br />proposed to be changed. She indicated they have a number of concerns regarding the proposed <br />Zoning for their property and the adjacent property 149-151 Ontario Street North/21 Weber <br />Street West, which is currently being proposed to be a 21-storey building with 0-off street parking <br />spaces. She requested additional time to consult with professional planners and the City on the <br />proposed impacts of the new Zoning By-law. <br /> <br />Ms. A. Petrovic addressed the Committee in support of affordable housing initiatives being <br />proposed through the bonusing provisions of the new Zoning By-law. <br /> <br />In response to questions, Mr. B. Sloan advised Planning staff would have no objections to <br />increasing the bonusing provisions for affordable housing. He stated affordable housing has <br />been identified as a Council priority, noting if it was Councils wish to elevate the priority, the <br />proposed bonusing could be increased. <br /> <br />On motion by Councillor K.Galloway-Sealock - <br />it was resolved: <br /> <br />That Sections 6 (Urban Growth Centre) and 4.3 (Bonusing) of the new Zoning By-law <br />(Stage 1) and associated mapping attached as Appendix D to report DSD-19-049 be <br />approved as Amendment No.1 to By-law 2019-051 subject to the following minor updates: <br /> <br /> <br />