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FINANCE & CORPORATE SERVICES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />MAY 13, 2019-30-CITY OF KITCHENER <br />2.DSD-19-105-ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION <br />-2019 COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT GRANT (CEIG) <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD-19-105dated April <br />29, 2019recommendingapproval of five grant applicationsfor the 2019 Community <br />Environmental Improvement Grant (CEIG) as outlined in the Report. <br />Councillor J. Gazzola requested staff circulate the applications submitted for the Community <br />Environmental Improvement Grant (CEIG). <br />The motion wasthen voted on and was Carriedon a recorded vote, withCouncillors P. Singh, <br />S. Davey,B. Ioannidis, M. Johnston, D. Schnider, D. Chapman, S. Marsh, K. Galloway-Sealock, <br />and C. Michaudvoting in favour; and, Councillor J. Gazzola voting in opposition.Mayor B. <br />Vrbanovic was absent and accordinglydid not vote. <br />On motion by CouncillorM. Johnston- <br />it was resolved: <br />“That the eight thousand dollars ($8,000) available through the Community Environmental <br />Improvement Grant this year, as outlined in DevelopmentServices Department report DSD- <br />19-105 be allocated as follows: <br />•Six hundred dollars ($600) to Kitchener Master Gardeners specifically for room <br />rentals; and, <br />•Eight hundred dollars ($800) to Sunshine Montessori School to purchase terra-cycle <br />boxes for the school; and, <br />•One thousand and five hundred dollars ($1,500) to Transition Kitchener-Waterloo for <br />room rentals and workshop supplies associated with Neighbourhood Climate Change <br />Adaptation/Mitigation Workshops; and, <br />•Two thousand and seven hundred and twenty dollars ($2,720) to Divest Waterloo for <br />a Resiliency and Regeneration Climate Conversations for Faith Communities Event <br />that would be inclusive to all and marketed to the broadest audience; and further, <br />•Two thousand and three hundred and eighty dollars ($2,380) be prorated toward the <br />2020 Community Environmental Improvement Grant program.” <br />3.FIN-19-038-2019 DEVELOPMENT CHARGES PUBLIC INPUT <br />The Committee considered FinancialServices Department report FIN-19-038dated April 26, <br />2019 regarding the 2019 Development Charges By-law statutory public meeting this date.Mr. <br />Craig Binning, Hemson Consulting, presented an overview of the Development Charges (DC) <br />Background Study and final recocommendations related to the 2019 calculated rates for both <br />residential growth (per unit) and non-residential growth (per square metre of gross floor area). <br />Mr. Binning also highlighted proposed amendmentsunder provincial Bill 108to the legislation <br />governing DC which may result in future amendments to the DC By-Law ifthe proposed changes <br />are enacted. <br />Mr. Craig Robson,on behalf ofWaterloo Region Home Builders’ Association,wasin attendance <br />to request the City implement a brownfield exemption, similar to the Region of Waterloo’s <br />exemption, to future DC.He further proposed local services may benefit more than one <br />development and should therefore be considered DC eligible. <br />Ms. Kristie Jennings, on behalf of 2159 Ottawa Street; 2219 Ottawa Street; and, 1259 Trussler <br />Road, raised oncernswith the following aspects of the proposed DC By-Law: how local services <br />are defined and classified in the DC Background Study;and,concerns with paragraph 1 of <br />Appendix G: Local Services Guidelines for Development Charge Funding for City Infrastructure, <br />which states,“The project must be listed in the most current City of Kitchener Development <br />Charges Study”. She requested the paragraph be amended to “the project shall generally be <br />listedin the most current City of Kitchener Development Charges Study, but the City may add <br />