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FINANCE & CORPORATE SERVICES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />MAY 13, 2019-31-CITY OF KITCHENER <br />3.FIN-19-038-2019 DEVELOPMENT CHARGES PUBLIC INPUT(CONT’D) <br />projects that are deemed to be development either wholly or in part development charge eligible <br />and not local services.” She further requested Section 11.1 of the Local Services Guideline be <br />amended from “Sanitary sewer collectors less than 375 mm are deemed to be a local service <br />and are a direct funding responsibility of the developer” to “Sanitary Sewers Collectors less than <br />375 mm, and which do not serve multiple development parcels, are deemed to be a local service <br />and are a direct funding responsibilities of the developer”. <br />Mr. Paul Britton was in attendance to share with Council eight areas of theproposed DC By-Law <br />that require additional considerationfrom staff: cost estimates for engineered infrastructure; the <br />definition of local services, particularly the application of the proposed definition; the relative <br />priorities of DCexpenditures;critical assumptions in the background study related to community <br />services; the development forecast relating to the population base;thepersons per housing units <br />(PPUs);the DC Background Study assumption that engineered services being only a benefit to <br />the suburban areas; and, how the suburban area was delineated. <br />Mr. Brandon Flewwelling, Huron CreekDevelopments,was in attendanceto speak in opposition <br />to the proposed rate increase. He suggested the proposed 70% Suburban Residential (Single) <br />and 104% Central Neighbourhood Residential (Single) rate increase will negatively impact <br />residential affordability and will be passed on to home buyers.He further suggested the use of <br />an intermcontrol by-law to manage DC’s while the province considers amendments to the DC <br />legislation. <br />Ms. Heather Campbell, Vive Development,was in attendance to speak in opposition to the <br />proposed DC rates. In particular, Ms. Campbell suggested increased DC’s will negatively impact <br />the housing market; result in increased housing prices; and, will reduce the total budgeted <br />revenue expectations. <br />Ms. Hanna Domagala, Hidden Valley Development Corporation,was in attendance toexpress <br />concerns with the timelines related to the construction of the Upper Hidden Valley Sanitary <br />Pumping Station and forcemain, and Hidden Valley Creek impovements. <br />In response to questions, Mr. Hagey explained if the City waited to enact the prosed DC By-Law <br />until Bill 108 is passed by the Ontario Legislature, the City cannot collected DC’s for any <br />development. <br />On motion by Councillor S. Marsh- <br />it was resolved: <br />“Thatthe Finance and Corporate Services meeting dated May 13, 2019 be deemed as the <br />statutory public meeting for the 2019 Development Charges By-law update and it is <br />determined that no further public meetings will be held in respect to the passage of the by- <br />law, as outlined in Financial Services Department report FIN-19-038.” <br />4.FIN-19-039-ADDITIONAL FEDERAL GAS TAX FUNDING ALLOCATION <br />The Committee considered FinancialServices Department report FIN-19-039dated April 5, <br />2019proposingthe allocation of $6,900,000 of the federal gas tax funding to various projectsas <br />outlined in the Report. <br />On motion by Councillor P. Singh- <br />it was resolved: <br />“That a total of $6,900,000of the federal gas tax, as outlined in Financial Services <br />Department report FIN-19-039, be allocated as follows: <br />