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HERITAGE KITCHENER MINUTES <br />MAY 7, 2019CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Heritage Kitchener Committee met this date, commencing at 4:05p.m. <br />Present:A. Reid -Chair <br />Councillors D. Chapman, C. Michaudand Messrs. P. Ciuciura, R. Parnell and S. Strohack. <br />Staff:M. Seiling, Director/Chief Building Official <br />B. Sloan, Manager, Long Range & Policy Planning <br />L. Bensason, Coordinator, Cultural Heritage Planning <br />V. Grohn, Heritage Planner <br />D. Saunderson, Committee Administrator <br />1.DRAFT HERITAGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT (HIA) <br />-149-151 ONTARIO STREET NORTH/21 WEBER STREET WEST <br />The Committee considered a memorandum dated April 18, 2019 regarding a Heritage Impact <br />Assessment (HIA) for the property municipally addressed as 149-151 Ontario Street North/21 <br />Weber Street West. The HIA addresses the proposal to redevelop the subject properties, 149- <br />151 Ontario Street North currently containing a circa 1876 brick building, which is listed on the <br />Municipal Heritage Register and 21 Weber containing a commercial dwelling constructed in 1957 <br />located adjacent to the Civic Centre Neighbourhood Heritage Conservation District(CCNHCD). <br />Mr. L. Bensason provided opening remarks regarding the HIA advising Heritage Planning staff <br />will be seeking the Committee’s input and comments,which will be taken into consideration as <br />part of staff’s review of the HIA and the processing of the associated planning application. <br />Ms. A. Barnes, Letourneau HeritageConsulting Inc. and Mr. M. Bolen, Edge Architectswere in <br />attendance in support of the HIA. Ms. Barnes presented the HIA advising the applicant intends <br />on constructing a 24-storey commercial residential development, while retaining the two-storey <br />front portionof 149-151 Ontario Street Northin situ. Shestated the HIA has been prepared to <br />support an active Site Plan application for the proposed development. She indicated 21 Weber <br />Street West is not considered a Section 27 Ontario Heritage Act (OHA)listed property. She <br />stated149-151 Ontario Street Northwas considered under Section 27 of the OHA as a non- <br />designated property of cultural heritage interest. Ms. Barnes provided an overview of the HIA <br />including: the evaluations of the properties; an overview of the proposed development options; <br />the impact assessment; as well as their conclusions and recommendations. <br />Mr. M.Chilanski and Mr. H. Jaegeraddressed the Committee in support of heritage <br />conservation, noting support for the proposed design and conservation of the heritage dwelling. <br />Mr. Jaeger did express some concerns with the proposed height of the building adjacent to the <br />District, stating in his opinion,he would prefer to see less of a transition between building heights. <br />In response to questions, Ms. Barnes advised that through the shadow study,it was determined <br />that any impacts of shadowing from the proposed tower would not adversely impact the <br />CCNHCD. She stated the greatest impacts on the District related to shadowing are impacting <br />open spaces and parking lots, noting there would be noshadow impacts on any residential rear <br />yards.She further advised when evaluating the proposed options, they considered all evaluation <br />criteria outlined by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sportand Option 3 was deemed to be <br />the preferred option. <br />In response to questions, Mr. M. Bolenadvised they have not yet determined what type of <br />structure system will be used in the construction of the tower. Mr.P. Ciuciura expressed <br />concerns with the use of fraction piles noting it could cause structural issues with 149-151 <br />Ontario Street North. <br />Mr. S. Strohack expressed concerns with how the heritage dwelling is proposed to be preserved, <br />questioning whether conservation is really beingachieved through the construction of a dwelling <br />above an existing dwelling. He acknowledgedthe need for intensification, stating in his opinion <br />there are differences between avoidance and incorporation,and questioned whether the design <br />was an adaptive reuse of the heritage dwelling. <br />CouncillorC. Michaud entered the meeting at this time. <br />