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COUNCIL AGENDA <br />MONDAY, MAY 27, 2019 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />7:00 P.M. - COUNCIL CHAMBER (TELEVISED) 200 KING STREET WEST <br />1. COMMENCEMENT <br />Singing of "0 Canada". <br />fp�Jill►Lei 1*y <br />Minutes to be accepted as mailed to the Mayor and Councillors (regular meeting held April 29, <br />2019 and special meetings held April 29 & May 13, 2019) — Councillor D. Schnider. <br />3. DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST AND THE GENERAL NATURE THEREOF <br />�6161dild&IJ0111.7evi110101"ZIA9:11:1:1A11111011a1111111:1 <br />a. Flag Request under Policy MUN-FAC-442: <br />• Huntington Society of Canada — May 15-22, 2019. <br />I.�U:1*y:11►111IftTAIIs] ►G1 <br />a. Mr. Sam Varteniuk, Executive Director, The Registry Theatre, and Ms. Marian Boyer, President, <br />J.M. Drama Board of Directors, to present an update on community theatre group JM Drama. <br />6. DELEGATIONS <br />a. Maggie Deveau — Regarding the Winter Sidewalk Maintenance program and the City's Age - <br />Friendly Action Plan. <br />b. Heather Price — Regarding Development Services Department report DSD -19-130, listed as <br />Item 8.a. under Unfinished Business. <br />8. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />a. New Zoning By-law (Stage 1) — At the April 29, 2019 Council meeting, consideration of the <br />following recommendation was deferred to the meeting this date: <br />That consideration of the following properties be deferred to the May 27, 2019 Council <br />meeting to allow additional time for consultation with City of Kitchener and/or Region of <br />Waterloo staff and property owners: <br />• 83 Elmsdale Drive, the 7H holding provision only; <br />• 32 Duke Street East,- <br />0 <br />ast,• 2-22 Duke Street East,- <br />0 <br />ast,• 49 Queen Street North,- <br />0 <br />orth,• 84 Frederick Street,- <br />0 <br />treet,• 1893 Ottawa Street South,- <br />0 <br />outh,• 1901 Ottawa Street South,- <br />0 <br />outh,• 525 and 563 Highland Road West; <br />• 1170-1178 Fischer -Hallman Road and 1111 Westmount Road East,- <br />0 <br />ast,• 1191, 1193, 1188, 1255-1291, 1187, 1201-1205 and 1940 Fischer -Hallman Road, <br />• 1415 and 1384 Huron Road,- <br />0 <br />oad,• 315-325 Max Becker Drive,- <br />0 <br />rive,• 236 Gehl Place,- <br />0 <br />lace,• 628 New Dundee Road (PLAN 58M528 BLK 111), <br />• Robert Ferrie Drive corner KITCHENER BEASLEY'S NEW SURVEY PT LOT 1 <br />RP 58R 17216 PTS 2 AND 3' <br />• 41 Ardelt Place (known as "LOT 42'); and, <br />*Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request. If you require* <br />assistance to take part in a city meeting or event, please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994. <br />