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REPORT TO:Committee of the Whole <br />DATE OF MEETING:2019-05-27 <br />SUBMITTED BY:Margaret Fisher, Director of Procurement, 519-741-2200 ext. 7214 <br />PREPARED BY:Laurie Stecho, Supervisor of Procurement,519-741-2200 ext. 7089 <br />WARD (S) INVOLVED:N/A <br />DATE OF REPORT:2019-04-24 <br />REPORT NO.:FIN-19-041 <br />SUBJECT:Sole Source Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) <br />Software <br />__________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />That GE Intelligent Platforms Canada Company, Mississauga, Ontario, be the sole source <br />provider for the purchase of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software <br />at a cost of $99,977.46plus H.S.T. of $12,997.07for a total of $112,974.53,plusongoing <br />licensing and support of the software for five (5) additional years, provided a satisfactory <br />contract is executed. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />In 2016, the City completed a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Needs <br />Study.The purpose of the study <br />for sanitary sewage pumping stations, identify needs and recommend an implementation plan. <br />The SCADA Needs Study found that all three layers; software, hardware and <br />telecommunications layers ofthe SCADA system are aging and in need of an <br />upgrade/replacement to bring the system up to industry standards and to address obsolete <br />technologies. <br />necessitates the management of SCADA as a critical asset. <br />A component of the SCADA Needs Study was to evaluate various software packages and select <br />This was achieved through workshops with <br />staff.Through the evaluation, the GE SCADA iFIX was selected as the software package <br />The scope of work for this phase of the project includes the purchase of the GE iFIX SCADA <br />software package.The SCADA Needs Study evaluated several software vendors.The GE iFIX <br />SCADA package was selected based on support, integrator knowledge, standards availability, <br />architecture and cost. <br />***This information is available in accessible formats upon request. *** <br />Please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994for assistance. <br />1.i - 1 <br />