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Staff Repod <br />Corporate Services Department <br />REPORT TO <br />DATE OF MEETING: <br />SUBMITTED BY <br />PREPARED BY: <br />WARD (S) INVOLVED: <br />DATE OF REPORT: <br />REPORT NO.: <br />SUBJECT: <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br /> <br />Committee of the Whole <br />May 27, 2019 <br />Erin Kearney, Interim Prosecutor <br />519-741- 2200 ext. 7060 <br />Erin Kearney, Interim Prosecutor <br />519-741- 2200 ext. 7060 <br />Ward 2 <br />May 23, 2019 <br />COR -19-031 <br />Encroachment Request: Rogers Communication installation at <br />Morrison Park <br />"Subject to staff approval, that the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute an <br />Encroachment Agreement, satisfactory to the City Solicitor, with Rogers <br />Communications Inc. for the installation of approximately 200 metres of conduit <br />containing fibre optic cable running under Morrison Park." <br />BACKGROUND: <br />Rogers Communications Inc. approached the City of Kitchener for permission to enter <br />into parklands and install a fibre optic cable. This cable will be connected to existing <br />infrastructure already installed and owned by Rogers in the area. <br />REPORT: <br />Rogers Communications Inc. would like to install fibre optic cable which will encroach on <br />City parklands, being installed within the boundaries of Morrison Park, in the areas <br />between Oneida Street and Wydacotte Court. The location of the proposed fibre optic <br />cable would run between 2.8 and 3.7 metres inside of the property line, and would have <br />a minimum depth cover of 0.8 metres, as is standard to gain Municipal Consent. Any <br />digging to be performed within 1 metre of existing underground services will be done by <br />hand. All lands are to be restored to the specifications of the City upon the completion of <br />this work. <br />Rogers has provided drawings of their construction plans; these are currently being <br />circulated to City Staff for their comments based on their areas of expertise. A copy of the <br />drawing that pertains to the area in question is attached to this report as Schedule "A", as <br />well as a copy of the Municipal Consent Submission Form as Schedule "B". Please note <br />that this Submission Form is for the totality of Rogers' proposed work, some of which is <br />beyond the scope of this potential encroachment agreement. Rogers has already <br />