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Kitcheneris a 2019-2020Business Planproject. It is also anaction within the recommended <br />2019-2022 City of Kitchener Strategic Plan. <br />REPORT: <br />. The planning <br />definition adopted for our Region and City derives from the Provincial Policy Statement and has <br />similarities to the CMHC definition (see Appendix A).For the purposes of the incentive program <br />that Kitchener currently has in place, the definition focuses on rental housing at a maximum of <br />80% ofalso has been usedto describe <br />various aspects of what is referred to as -the housing continuum. This may include the full <br />spectrum from emergency shelter/homelessness to supportive housing to rental and home <br />ownership (see Appendix A). <br />The 2016 census showed that 15.8% of owner households spent more that 30% of their income <br />2 <br />onhousing and 42% of renter households spent more than 30% of their income on housing. <br />3 <br />During the 2015 to 2019 period, visible homelessness also has increased.For the purposes of <br />the initial phases of the Affordable Housing Strategy project, the full housing spectrum will be <br />considered. During the project and as part of preparing the strategy recommendations, it may <br />become necessary to focus on specific aspects of the housing continuum. There may be <br />segments ofthe housing continuum that a local municipality has more ability to impact. <br />We Are All In This Together <br />Housing and housing affordability is an issue for all levels of government, agencies, providers, <br />developers, not-for-profits and the community to work together on. The Federal Government <br />recently prepared a National Housing Strategy and provided funding for a range of housing <br />initiatives to address affordability. The Provincial Government provides funding, <br />tools, and recently is taking action towards promoting more housing. Until <br />recently, municipalities could not have a planning zoning by-law that could <br />to provide affordable housing units. The introduction <br />of inclusionary housing/zoning provides an opportunity to study the merits and <br />potential approve such an approach.Based on proposed changes, through Bill <br />108, it appears that inclusionary zoning will continue to be a tool that municipalities can use <br />under the current provincial government. <br />The Region of Waterloo is the affordable housing service managerfor our area. They have a <br />number of programs, strategies, plans and incentivesfor housing and shelter, including owning <br />of updating a combined Housing and Homeless Plan. Part of the updated plan includes a <br />-2019. The updated plan will <br />likely include a number of actions of interest to Kitchener objectives and could lead to some early <br />wins. City staff are part of the Region-led working team and Regional housing staff indicated <br />support for a local level strategy and desire to participate. <br />2 <br /> For the Kitchener Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). <br />3 <br /> Region of Waterloo emergency shelter and homelessness estimates/statistics. <br />2 - 2 <br />