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REPORT: <br />The Land Use Master Plan document, attached to this report as Appendix A,provides: <br />Asynopsis of the context of the area. <br />Some of the background and purpose for the review. <br />The issues and opportunities regarding the existing character and future potential within <br />this community. <br />The guiding principles. <br />Policy directions for the urban structure and community design, the natural environment, <br />water management, transportation, infrastructure, cultural heritage, streetscapes and <br />placemaking, and overall sustainable development. <br />The land use plan itself along with a typology page that generally depicts and describes <br />each of the land use categories (e.g. Commercial, Mixed Use, Medium Rise Residential) <br />along with the types of uses and development that is envisioned. These would guide the <br />more formal land use designations, policies and zoning that will follow in the next step. <br />Implementation directions. <br />A summary ofthe project process, team, and public process <br />There are a number of divergent opinions on the future use of the developable land within the <br />Hidden Valley areaand the Land Use Master Plan balances a number of competing objectives. <br />The one commonality is that the significant environmental features should be conserved. The <br />Plan includes directions that any new development or streetscape work within the portion of the <br />community with existing estate and large lot residential should respect the existing lot fabric and <br />enhance the existing character. Any new development within the River Road extension area <br />should provide a range of land uses in a more sustainable formto help contribute to a more <br />complete community.The next steps will involve the preparation of City-led, formal planning <br />amendment, engineering assessment and various technical studies that will guide and dictate <br />the future requirements for the area. <br />Respect and Enhance A More "Complete" <br />Existing AreasCommunity <br />Sustainability <br />Mix of Uses along River <br />Protect "the Jewel" <br />Road Extension <br /> <br />Figure 2-Master Plan Guiding Principles <br />3 - 2 <br />