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Planning Analysis <br />While the Land Use Master Plan itself does not involve a decision under the Planning Act, the <br />implications of provincial, regional and local legislation and policies were considered in the <br />creation of the plan, guiding principles and recommended directions. From a technical planning <br />standpoint, this area is split between the Built-Up Area and the Designated Greenfield Area, <br />which poses some challenges. The recommended master plan would help achieve the <br />objectives, targets and policies that apply to those areas. The future land use amendments to <br />implement the master plan will further consider the legislation and policies that would be in place <br />at the time and will provide the appropriate planning justification. <br />ALIGNMENT WITH CITY OF KITCHENER STRATEGIC PLAN: <br />2015 -2018 Strategic Priority:Safe and Thriving Neighbourhoods <br />2015 -2018 Strategic Action3.3:Manage growth, curb urban sprawl, and foster more mixed- <br />use development, ensuring new development is integrated with the diversity and character of <br />the surrounding community. <br />2019 Business PlanNB21 Hidden Valley Land Use Study <br />FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />Staff prepared the Land Use Master Plan process and document. The ongoing water <br />management modeling calibration/stormwater management background work is within the <br />existing budgeted capital amount. The next step is to prepare a Terms of Reference for the <br />Secondary Plan supporting technical studies and the wastewater (sanitary) Municipal Class <br />Environmental Assessment (both are budgeted capitalaccounts). <br />COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: <br />INFORM, CONSULT and to some extent COLLABORATE a variety of methods and <br />approaches were used to engage stakeholders early in this project. Some of the methods <br />include: two (2) Public Information Meetings, one-on-one office drop in time with the project <br />manager at the Kitchener Operations Facility, resident participation on what makes their <br />neighbourhood great, project/fact sheet, stakeholder meetings, online information, phone calls, <br />emails, etc. Each comment that was received was reviewed andconsidered in the preparation <br />of the draft master plan document (see Appendix B). Comments received on the draft document <br />are also included withinAppendix B.There are a number of competing objectives and opinions. <br />All of the engagement todate is in advance of, and beyond, any legislative requirements. The <br />preparation of the formal changes tothe planning tools and the Environmental Assessmentwill <br />involve numerous opportunities for more engagement and will include formal statutory <br />meeting(s). <br />CONCLUSION: <br />The preliminary work completed as part of the Land Use Master Plan process has helped forge <br />a path forward through the challenging issues within the Hidden Valley area. The City is leading <br />a consultative process that will embark upon further technical review and study to confirm that <br />any future development in the area will have positive impacts on our environmental, social, <br />economic and cultural objectives. <br />3 - 3 <br />