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REPORT TO: Finance and Corporate Services Committee <br />DATE OF MEETING:June 10, 2019 <br />SUBMITTED BY: Hans Gross, Director,Engineering, 519-741-2200 Ext. 2410 <br />PREPARED BY: Nick Gollan,Manager, Stormwater Utility, 519-741-2200 Ext. 7422 <br />WARD (S) INVOLVED:All <br />DATE OF REPORT:May 27, 2019 <br />REPORT NO.:DSD-19-143 <br />SUBJECT:DMAF Supplementary Agreements <br />___________________________________________________________________________ <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />That theMayor, Chief Administrative Officer or a General Manager is hereby authorized <br />toexecutethe Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) ultimate receiver <br />agreement with the Grand River Conservation Authority; said agreement and other <br />relateddocumentation tobe tothe satisfaction of the City Solicitor; and <br />Further that theMayor, Chief Administrative Officer or a General Manager is hereby <br />authorized to execute a contract with Reep Green Solutions for the provision of <br />community engagement services throughout the duration of the agreement with <br />Infrastructure Canada under the DMAF project; said agreement and other related <br />documentation to be to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />On May 22, 2019 a funding announcement was made by the Government of Canada to grant <br />the City of Kitchener $49.990M through March of2028 to implement the Stormwater Network <br />Adaptation Project. This is an historic investment in stormwater infrastructure in the City of <br />Kitchener that is to be carried out in partnership with the GRCA and supported by Reep Green <br />Solutions. <br />REPORT: <br />The StormwaterNetwork Adaptation Project is a fundamental component of the Corporate <br />Climate Action Plan to build resilience into the stormwater network in anticipation of more intense <br />and more frequent storm events.There are three (3) key project components that form the <br />project, with 95 discrete capital projects within the broad headings of: <br />Stormwater for Capital Roads (WIP), <br />Watercourse and Erosion Restoration, and <br />Stormwater Management Facilities. <br />*** This information is available in accessible formats upon request. *** <br />Please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994forassistance. <br />9 - 1 <br />