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COUNCIL MINUTES <br />MAY 27, 2019 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Council of the City of Kitchener met this date at 7:20 p.m. with all members present <br />1. COMMENCEMENT — <br />The meeting began with the singing of "O Canada". <br />2. MINUTES — <br />On motion by Councillor D. Schnider, the minutes of the regular meeting held April 29, 2019 and special <br />meetings held April 29 & May 13, 2019, as mailed to the Mayor and Councillors, were accepted. <br />3. DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST AND THE GENERAL NATURE THEREOF — <br />Councillor P. Singh declared a pecuniary interest with respect to the New Zoning By-law (CRoZBy) — <br />Stage 1 — Non -Residential Zones as listed as Item 8. a. on the Council agenda dated this date, as <br />members of his family owns property within the proposed Urban Growth Centre (UGC) zone. <br />4. COMMUNICATIONS REFERRED TO FILE <br />4.a. Flag Request under Policy MUN-FAC-442: <br />• Huntington Society of Canada — May 15 — 22, 2019. <br />5. PRESENTATIONS <br />5.a. JM Drama <br />Mr. Sam Varteniuk, Executive Director, The Registry Theatre; and, Ms. Marian Boyer, President, JM <br />Drama, were in attendance to provide an update on community theatre group JM Drama. Ms. Boyer <br />advised The Registry Theatre is currently drafting a renewed lease with City staff. <br />6. DELEGATIONS <br />6.a. Winter Sidewalk Maintenance Program and the City's Age -Friendly Action Plan <br />Council considered Infrastructure Services Department report INS -09-009, dated May 13, 2019, listed <br />as Item 10 on the Community and Infrastructure Services Committee report. Mr. Aaron McCrimmon- <br />Jones, Manager of Transportation Planning, and Mr. Eckhard Pastrik, Manager of Maintenance <br />Operations, were in attendance to respond to questions from Council. <br />Ms. Maggie Deveau was in attendance to address Council on behalf of the Mayor's Advisory Council <br />for Kitchener Seniors and the City's Age -Friendly Action Plan in support of the staff recommendation. <br />Ms. Dawn Clelland, Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee, Ms. Melissa Bowman, and Ms. <br />Tessa Starkey, area residents, were in attendance to address Council in support of the full winter <br />maintenance service of all sidewalks. <br />Mr. Phil Molto, area resident, was in attendance to address Council in support of the staff <br />recommendation, noting the importance of prioritizing snow clearing along the City's major sidewalks, <br />bike lanes, and bus stops. <br />A motion was brought forward by Councillor K. Galloway-Sealock, seconded by Councillor D. Schnider, <br />to approve the recommendation as outlined in Clause 10 of the Community and Infrastructure Services <br />Committee report, dated May 13, 2019. <br />Councillor D. Chapman brought forward an amendment, seconded by Councillor M. Johnston, to <br />conduct a pilot program with full winter maintenance service of all sidewalks throughout winter <br />2019/2020. <br />In response to questions, Mr. Dan Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer, clarified the initial clearing <br />for 8cm snow events is $67,5000 for 40 km of sidewalk per winter season, and the full winter <br />