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Date:June 5, 2019 <br />To:Environmental Committee, June 20, 2019 <br />From: David Schmitt, Environmental & Urban Forest Project Manager, <br />Parks & Cemeteries, Infrastructure Services <br />Subject: <br />Kitchener’s first Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy & Implementation Plan <br />Staff attended the Environmental Committee on May 2, 2018 seeking input on the draft Sustainable <br />Urban Forest Strategy. During this eight week engagement process, staff presented the draft at a <br />strategic council session, attended committee meetings, and received input from more than 100 <br />residents through Engage. There was strong support for the draft strategy resulting in only minor <br />changes to the final version presented and approved by Council on April 29, 2019. <br />During the fall / winter, staff developed a phased implementation plan guided by the fifteen actions <br />identified in the strategy and based on Council priorities. The first phase (2019 – 2021), was approved <br />by Council through the 2019 budget process and includes: <br />Increasing tree planting activities on city lands to address existing backlog <br />Two new tree planting pilots <br />o City-wide subsidized tree planting pilot on residential property (Reep) <br />o Neighborhood tree planting in city parks (Lovemyhood) <br />Setting a tree canopy target, tree planting plan, and best practices <br />Identifying and removing at-risk trees <br />Improving customer service <br />The staff report (INS-19-008), approved by Council on April 29, also included a five-year <br />implementation strategy with the following recommendations: <br />Increase tree planting to achieve a defined canopy target <br />Implement a proactive management program for City owned trees <br />Explore options to enhance conservation and protection of the urban forest <br />Develop a natural area management plan <br />Develop an emergency response plan <br />Review tree planting pilots <br />With Council’s approval, the timing and funding for these actions will be addressed through the <br />departmental business planning and future budget process (2020-2024). <br />In addition to the information provided in your package, more resources can be found on the City’s <br />. <br />website at <br />Staff look forward to answering the committee’s questions and discussing how the committee can <br />assist with the implementation of Kitchener’s first Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy. <br />1 - 1 <br />