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COMMUNITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />JUNE 17, 2019 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Community and Infrastructure Services Committee met this date, commencing at 9:30 a.m. <br />Present: Councillor K. Galloway-Sealock - Chair <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors D. Chapman, S. Davey, J. Gazzola, M. Johnston, S. <br />Marsh, C. Michaud, D. Schnider and P. Singh. <br />Staff: D. Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer <br />M. May, Deputy CAO & General Manager, Community Services <br />V. Raab, General Manager, Corporate Services <br />J. Readman, General Manager, Development Services <br />J. Lautenbach, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services <br />D. McGoldrick, General Manager, Infrastructure Services <br />G. MacNeil, Director, By-law Enforcement <br />B. Cronkite, Director, Transportation Services <br />M. Hildebrand, Director, Neighbourhood Programs & Services <br />A. Pinard, Director, Planning <br />S. Roth, Manager, Community Centres <br />A. McCrimmon-Jones, Manager, Transportation Planning <br />S. Allen, Manager, Engineering Design & Approvals <br />J. Joseph, Supervisor, Neighbourhood Development <br />A. Fritz -Walters, Project Manager <br />E. Schneider, Junior Planner <br />J. van Klaveren, Associate, Neighbourhood Development <br />D. Saunderson, Committee Administrator <br />CSD -19-017 - NOISE EXEMPTION — BINGEMANS — 425 BINGEMAN CENTRE DRIVE <br />- BINGEMANS SUMMER EVENT SERIES <br />The Committee considered Community Services Department report CSD -19-017 dated May 21, <br />2019 recommending approval of various noise exemptions for Bingemans Summer Event <br />Series, being hosted on various dates between June and August 2019. <br />On motion by Councillor S. Davey - <br />it was resolved: <br />"That an exemption to Chapter 450 (Noise) of the City of Kitchener Municipal Code be <br />granted to Bingemans for several events being held at 425 Bingeman Centre Drive, as <br />part of their summer Events Series, as outlined in Community Services Department report <br />CSD -19-017, and further, <br />That the exemption is subject to the following conditions, which, if not complied with, will <br />render the noise exemption null and void: <br />a) There shall be no offensive language, in the opinion of City staff, generated from the <br />music events, audible in any adjacent residential neighbourhood. The event <br />organizers will ensure that there is an on-site contact person accessible to correspond <br />with City staff at all times during the event(s); <br />b) The event organizer will be responsible for the cost of a pay -duty Noise Officer, to be <br />assigned specifically to these event(s); <br />c) The event organizers agree to respond accordingly to requests from City staff, during <br />the event(s), in order to address community concerns that may arise with regard to <br />the impact of noise heard within adjacent residential areas; and <br />d) The maximum decibel level (dba) audible from a residential area shall not exceed 55 <br />dba. " <br />DSD -19-141 - SCHOOL RELATED TRAFFIC REVIEW <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD -19-141 dated May <br />16, 2019 recommending approval of the school related traffic review, including changes to the <br />School Bus Loading Zone intended for Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and removal of an <br />Adult Crossing Guard along Highview Drive at Willow Green Court. <br />