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REPORT TO:Committee of the Whole <br />DATE OF MEETING:June 24, 2019 <br />SUBMITTED BY:Cory Bluhm, Executive Director Economic Development, <br />519-741-2200 x7065 <br />PREPARED BY:Victoria Boyle, Economic Development Assistant, <br />519-741-2200 x7957 <br />WARD (S) INVOLVED:All Ward(s) <br />DATE OF REPORT:June 17, 2019 <br />REPORT NO.:DSD-19-102 <br />SUBJECT:Municipal Accommodation Tax-Implementation <br />_________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />That the Municipal Accommodation Tax By-law,included inReport DSD-19-102 <br />Appendix A,be approved;and, <br />That the establishment of a new Municipal Accommodation Tax Reserve Fund be <br />approved in accordance with Report DSD-19-102, Appendix B. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />On April 29, 2019,theMunicipal Accommodation Tax(MAT), also referred to as a Transient <br />Accommodation Tax,was endorsedby Council to collecta4% tax from applicablehotel <br />transient accommodators (staff report CAO-19-007). The City of Kitchener will receive 40% of <br />the net revenue generated through the MAT.The following report contains the implementing <br />tax by-law and reserve fund. <br />REPORT: <br />This report provides thenecessary implementation toolsincluding the by-law which provides <br />the authority forcollecting the tax (as shown in Appendix A) and the establishment ofthe <br />Municipal Accommodation ReserveFund(as shown in Appendix B). <br />The Bylawprescribes details pertaining to the collection of the MATfrom applicableoperators, <br />including exemptions,penalties, etc. The bylaw has been developed in accordance with <br />provincial regulations, and is consistent with other municipalities in Ontario. <br />8 - 1 <br />