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STAFF <br /> <br />(c) shall be responsible for enforcement of such provisions of the Region of Waterloo <br />Traffic and Parking By-law, and the City of Kitchener Traffic and Parking By-law <br />including those respecting parking and of other By-laws and Chapters as is <br />determined from time to time. By-law 88-167, 22 August, 1988; By-law 88-237, 28 <br />November, 1988; By-law 2001-167, 17 September, 2001; By-law 2008-135, 18 <br />August, 2008. <br /> <br />Article 3 <br />REPEAL - BY-LAWS <br /> <br />110.3.1 By-law - previous <br />By-law No. 87-259 of The Corporation of the City of Kitchener, and all by-laws <br />amending the same, are hereby repealed. By-law 88-167, 22 August, 1988. <br /> <br />SCHEDULE <br /> <br />Schedule ‘A’ - By-law Enforcement Officers <br /> <br />Officer Number Officer Name <br /> <br />P-1 Spencer Williams <br /> <br />P-2 Maureen Manning <br /> <br />P-3 Gloria MacNeil <br /> <br />P-4 Kirsten Shody <br /> <br />P-5 Gordon Stott <br /> <br />P-6 Heloim Dimpengi <br /> <br />P-07 Alex Velko <br /> <br />P-8 Suad Murseli <br /> <br />P-9 Angelika Ness <br /> <br />P-10 Court Hughes <br /> <br />P-11 Jacqueline Convey <br /> <br />P-12 Grant Egerdeen <br /> <br />P-13 Natalie Lyon <br />KITCHENER 110.2 MARCH 2022 <br /> <br />