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APPT STAFF PROVINCIAL OFFENCES <br /> Dianna Saunderson Manager, Council and Committee Deputy City Clerk <br /> Services and Deputy City Clerk <br /> <br /> Hans Gross Director of Engineering <br /> Services and Asset Management <br /> <br /> Michael May General Manager, Community Services <br /> & Deputy CAO <br /> <br /> Justin Readman General Manager, Development Services <br /> <br /> Denise McGoldrick General Manager, Infrastructure Services <br /> <br /> Victoria Raab General Manager, Corporate Services <br /> <br /> Jonathan Lautenbach* Chief Financial Officer, City Treasurer <br /> Financial Services <br /> <br /> Bob Gilmore Fire Chief Fire Chief <br /> <br /> Terry Gitzel Deputy Fire Chief <br /> <br /> Rosa Bustamante Director, Planning <br /> <br /> Garett Stevenson Manager, Development Review <br /> <br /> Natalie Goss Manager, Policy & Research <br /> <br /> Lesley MacDonald Director, Legal Services/ <br /> City Solicitor <br /> <br /> Michael Seiling Director, Building/ Chief Building Official <br /> Chief Building Official (CBO) (CBO) <br /> <br /> <br /> Robert Schipper Manager, Building Deputy Chief Building <br /> Official (Deputy CBO) <br /> <br /> Timothy Benedict Manager, Building Deputy Chief Building <br /> Official (Deputy CBO) <br /> <br /> Janine Oosterveld Manager, Customer Experience <br /> & Project Management <br /> <br /> Brenda Johnson Director, Accounting Deputy City Treasurer <br /> <br /> Ryan Hagey Director, Financial Planning Deputy City Treasurer <br /> <br /> Saleh Saleh Director of Revenue Deputy City Treasurer <br /> <br />*is considered a General Manager for the purposes of executing documentation delegated to <br />General Managers <br />KITCHENER 101.2 APRIL 2022 <br /> <br />