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2.Chronic offenders / properties – a proactive inspection list was created. <br />3.Enforcement of the “bare pavement” requirement – Officers were directed to use <br />discretion and consider weather conditions, such as frigid conditions. <br />4.The 24 wait periodfor residents to lodge a complaint – this limit was removed. <br />5.Public awareness activities were undertaken related to sidewalk snow clearing. <br />These improvements were successfully implemented during the 2015-16 snow season andhave <br />since been carried out seasonally.In addition, By-law officers were directed by Council to use <br />discretion and to consider extreme weather conditions and other factors when enforcing this <br />standard. Staff have followed this direction,workingwith property owners to educate and <br />eliminate immediate safety risks while ensuring safe passage for all residents. <br />Atthe time of the 2015 report, staff were awaiting provincial changes to the Minimum <br />Maintenance Standards (MMS) which were implemented in May 2018. Staff havenow <br />incorporated the relevant changesinto (Chapter 687)Winter Maintenance by-law, including the <br />following addition which reflects the MMS: <br />Significant Weather Event: <br />Adding the declaration of a significant weather event to the by-law as per the new MMS. <br />A significant weather event could potentiallyhave an impact on the enforcement of snow <br />and ice removal from sidewalks. The by-law would provide the Director of Enforcement <br />with discretion to suspend enforcement of the by-law, cease the performance of <br />inspections or decline investigation of complaints for the duration of the significant <br />weather event. <br />In addition to the changes which reflect the MMS, staffhaveidentified gaps in the current by-law <br />(Chapter 687Snow and Ice)and have proposed the following changes for inclusionin the by- <br />law moving forward. <br />Sidewalk Definition: <br />A definition which encompasses any type of surface that has been improved for <br />pedestrian use and includes, asphalt, concrete or gravel finishes, but does not include <br />any part of the roadway, driveway apron, or multi-use trail. <br />Includes any openings leading onto roadways such as corner accessibility and pedestrian <br />crosswalks, etc. <br />3 - 2 <br />