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31st as part of a one year pilot project in Wards 1-4 and Wards 6-10 as outlined in Report <br />CSD-14-108’." <br />In the past Councillors have requested information on how neighbouring municipalities handle <br />boulevard parking. Staff reached out tothe cities of Cambridge and Waterloo andcan provide <br />the following information: <br />City of Waterloo:Waterloo does not actively enforce the boulevard parking prohibition <br />during the winter months. They will respond to a complaint if it is warranted, or where a <br />public safety concern exists,but the focus is to get vehicles off of the roadway. <br />City of Cambridge: Cambridge has allowed lower driveway boulevard parking through a <br />street by street petition and questionnaire process since 2007. Given the popularityof the <br />program they expect to adopt lower driveway boulevard parking as a permitted use under <br />their by-law but still need to go through the review process. Streets not enrolled in the <br />program are enforced year round but only on a complaint basis. <br />REPORT: <br />In 2014, staff broughta report forward that recommended parking be allowed on boulevards <br />across the entire city during the winter months (Dec. 1 – March 31). At that time, City Council <br />did not support a city-wide approach, however, it did approve boulevard parking in Ward 5 during <br />the winder months. <br />On January 7, 2019, City Council approved a one year pilot to allow boulevard parking in all <br />other wards of the City(in addition to Ward 5)during the winter season, provided residents were <br />parkingwithin the following specific guidelines: <br />Vehicles areonly permitted to park on the paved boulevard (i.e. apron) where they were able <br />to comply with the following criteria, relating to safety and operational concerns: <br />Vehicles, if parked parallel to the road, must face the direction of travel; <br />Vehicles must not park on the landscaped or hardscaped portion of the boulevard or <br />access the paved portion of the boulevard by driving over landscaped or hardscaped <br />portions of the boulevard; <br />The vehicle must be fully encompassed on the paved portion of the boulevard such <br />that: <br />o All tires must be fully on the hard surface <br />o No part of the vehicle can overhang the sidewalk or the curb/ road edge; <br />Residents with abutting drivewaysmust not overhang the projection of the property <br />line; <br />No boulevard parking will be permitted within 15 metres of an intersection; and <br />Only driveways providing access to single family, semi-detached and street fronting <br />townhouses are applicable. <br />4 - 2 <br />