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COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT <br />UNFINISHED BUSINESS AGENDA <br />December 10, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. <br />MINOR VARIANCE APPLICATION: <br />Submission No.: A 2019-103 <br />Applicant: Trez MR Holdings (Ontario Ltd) <br />Property Location: 581 Strasburg Road <br />Legal Description: Block N, Plan 1335 <br />Permission to construct a 2 -storey addition on an existing 3 -storey multi -residential dwelling, <br />increasing the units from 21 to a total of 35 residential units having 35 off-street parking spaces <br />(1.03 spaces/per unit) rather than the required 62 off-street parking spaces (1.75 spaces/per <br />unit). <br />CONSENT APPLICATION: <br />Submission No.: B 2019-019 <br />Applicant: Alphabet Overland Self Storage Inc. <br />Property Location: 49 Overland Drive <br />Legal Description: Lot 12 and Part Lots 9, 11 & 16, Plan 791, being Parts 3 & 4 on <br />Reference Plan 58R-1275 <br />Permission to sever a parcel of land being irregular in shape having an approximate width on <br />Overland Drive of 114m, an approximate depth of 85m and an area of 9,400 sq.m.; permission <br />is also being requested to grant an irregular-shaped easement as outlined on the plan <br />submitted with the subject application over the retained land in favour of the severed land for <br />stormwater management. The retained land will have an approximate width on Overland Drive <br />of 158m, an approximate depth of 139m and an area of 28,735 sq.m. A Self <br />Storage/Warehouse use is proposed for the severed lot and a Contractor Yard and Stormwater <br />Management Facility is proposed for the retained land. <br />