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MEEMk <br />eQ-6 <br />-- -eeeee----- ------ <br />Notice of Hearing <br />A Notice of Hearing will be sent to <br />you by registered mail and it is your <br />responsibility to pick this up. The <br />Notice will provide the time and date <br />of your hearing. If you are unable to <br />attend on the date of your hearing, <br />please contact the Committee <br />Administrator immediately. Contact <br />information is available on the <br />Notice. <br />If your hearing is not rescheduled for <br />another date, you will need to attend <br />your hearing date or send someone <br />on your behalf to request an <br />adjournment (rescheduling of the <br />date). The Committee will decide <br />whether or not to grant this request. <br />DOG DES -GNAT -ON APP -A- AR -NG <br />Disclosure <br />Once you have a Notice of Hearing, you <br />will receive a disclosure package including <br />all the information the City has regarding <br />your matter. This may include officer's <br />notes, information about your dog, <br />witness statements and photos. These <br />materials will be sent to the address you <br />have provided on your request for an <br />appeal hearing. If you have not received <br />your disclosure package two weeks before <br />the hearing date, please contact the <br />Committee Administrator. <br />Appeal Hearing Process <br />• All witnesses will be affirmed that the <br />information they are providing is the <br />truth, similar to testifying in court. <br />• A Lawyer acting on behalf of the City <br />(Respondent) will question their <br />witnesses and present evidence, after <br />which you and the Committee may ask <br />questions. <br />• You (Appellant) and any witness you <br />have, can then provide evidence and <br />testimony; after which the Respondent's <br />Lawyer and the Committee members <br />may ask questions. <br />• Both sides will be asked to provide <br />summations, the Committee will then <br />retire to another room to make their <br />decision. <br />APPEAL --ALN (t` <br />Testimony <br />Your testimony will help the Committee <br />make a decision. You may want to <br />explain: <br />• What you believe took place or what <br />caused the incident <br />• Requests regarding the designation <br />or assigned conditions <br />• Steps you have taken to ensure the <br />dog does not repeat the behaviour <br />\A/C+ ---ems <br />You have the ability to bring witnesses, <br />or written statements from witnesses <br />who observed the incident, to present as <br />evidence to the Committee. <br />Veterinarians and other professionals, <br />such as behaviouralists, who are familiar <br />with the temperament of the designated <br />dog may provide useful information to <br />assist the Committee in making a <br />decision. <br />You may also bring copies of relevant <br />photographs or witness statements to <br />submit as evidence to the Committee. If <br />using photographs, be prepared to tell <br />the Committee when they were taken, <br />what they show, and who took the <br />photos. Submissions are not returned so <br />please use copies. <br />