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Date:December 16, 2019 <br />To: <br />Members of Heritage Kitchener <br />From: <br />Leon Bensason, Coordinator, Cultural Heritage Planning <br />cc: <br />Subject:50-52 & 56 Weber Street West, 107 Young Street <br />Draft Heritage Impact Assessment <br />The Planning Division is in receipt of a draft Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) <br />dated December 6,2019 prepared by MHBC Planning Ltd.,regarding a <br />proposal to demolish the existing buildings located on 50-52 & 56 Weber Street <br />West and 107 Young Street; and to redevelop the subject properties with a 42- <br />unit, 6 storey multiple residential building. The subject properties are located <br />within the Civic Centre Neighbourhood Heritage Conservation District. <br />The applicant’s heritage consultant will be in attendance at the January 7, 2020 <br />meeting of Heritage Kitchener to present the draft HIA and answer questions. <br />Heritage Planning staff will be seeking the committee’s input and comments <br />which will be taken into consideration as part of staff’s review of the HIA and <br />the processing of related Heritage Permit and Planning Act applications. A <br />motion or recommendation to Council will not be required at the January <br />meeting. It is anticipated that a staff report regarding Heritage Permit <br />applications seeking the consent of Council to demolish the existing buildings, <br />will be prepared for consideration by Heritage Kitchener on February 4, 2020. <br />A copy oftheExecutive Summary from the draft HIA isattached to this memo. <br />The full draft HIA will be made available under separate cover on the City’s <br />websitetogether with the January 7, 2020 meeting agenda. <br />________________________________ <br />Leon Bensason, MCIP, RPP, CAHP <br />Coordinator, Cultural Heritage Planning <br />Acknowledged By: Brandon Sloan, Manager of Long Range & Policy Planning <br />1 - 1 <br />