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ALIGNMENT WITH CITY OF KITCHENER STRATEGIC PLAN: <br />The recommendation of this report supports the achievement of the city’s strategic vision <br />through the delivery of core service. <br />FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />All costs associated with the registration of the reference plan, advertising of the intent to <br />name the street and street signage and/or any agreements deemed necessary by the City <br />Solicitor to implement the street naming are to be entirely borne by the applicant. <br />COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: <br />Should staff’s recommendation be approved, notice of the intention to pass a private street <br />naming by-law would be advertised in The Record. This communication corresponds to the <br />“inform” theme of the Community Engagement Strategy. <br />REVIEWED BY:Della Ross, Interim Director of Planning <br />ACKNOWLEDGED BY: Justin Readman, General Manager (Development Services) <br />Attachments: <br />Appendix A – Site Plan – Block 1, 58M-632 <br />Appendix B – Applicant Request/City and Agency Comments <br />3 - 2 <br />