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COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT MINUTES <br />DECEMBER 10, 2019 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Committee of Adjustment met this date, commencing at 10:00 a.m. <br />Present: Mr. B. McColl - Vice -Chair <br />Mr. S. Hannah <br />Mr. M. Kidd <br />Officials: Ms. J. von Westerholt, Senior Planner <br />Mr. D. Seller, Traffic Planning Analyst <br />Mr. R. Kelly-Ruetz, Planner <br />Mr. E. Schneider, Planner <br />Ms. D. Saunderson, Secretary -Treasurer <br />Ms. S. Delaney, Committee Administrator <br />MINUTES <br />Moved by Mr. M. Kidd <br />Seconded by Mr. S. Hannah <br />That the regular minutes of the Committee of Adjustment meeting held November 19, 2019, as circulated <br />to the members, be accepted. <br />Carried <br />UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />MINOR VARIANCE APPLICATION: <br />Submission No.: A 2019-103 <br />Applicant: Trez MR Holdings (Ontario Ltd) <br />Property Location: 581 Strasburg Road <br />Legal Description: Block N, Plan 1335 <br />Appearances: <br />In Support: None <br />Contra: None <br />Written Submissions: None <br />The Committee was advised the applicant is requesting permission to construct a 2 -storey addition <br />on an existing 3 -storey multi -residential dwelling, increasing the units from 21 to a total of 35 <br />residential units having 35 off-street parking spaces (1.03 spaces/per unit) rather than the required <br />62 off-street parking spaces (1.75 spaces/per unit). <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD -19-218 dated <br />September 10, 2019, recommending approval of this application, subject to the conditions outlined <br />in the Report. <br />The Committee considered the report of the Region of Waterloo, Transportation Planner, dated <br />August 28, 2019, advising they have no concerns with this application. <br />As per a deferral request received by the applicant, it was suggested, and agreed, that the <br />subject application be deferred to the January 21, 2020 meeting to allow additional time for the <br />applicant to receive Site Plan Approval in Principle and address concerns related to the <br />construction phase. <br />Moved by Mr. S. Hannah <br />Seconded by Mr. M. Kidd <br />