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and illustrated on Schedule `A', be adopted, in the form shown in the Official Plan <br />Amendment attached to Report DSD -20-001 as Appendix `A', and accordingly forwarded <br />to the Region of Waterloo for approval; AND <br />B. That Zoning By-law Amendment Application ZBA19/001/B/GS for 169 Borden Inc., <br />Joseph Castello, & Laurie Castello requesting a change from Residential Six (R-6) and <br />Neighbourhood Institutional (INS -1) to Residential Eight with Special Regulation <br />Provision 753R for the parcels of land specified and illustrated on Map No. 1, be <br />approved in the form shown in the "Proposed By-law" dated November 27, 2019, <br />attached to Report DSD -20-001 as Appendix "B", and receive three readings once By- <br />law 2019-51 (CRoZBy Stage 1) is deemed to be in effect, either in whole or in part, AND <br />C. That in accordance with Planning Act Section 45 (1.3 & 1.4) applications for minor <br />variances shall be permitted for lands subject to Zoning By-law Amendment Application <br />ZBA19/001/B/GS, AND FURTHER <br />D. That the Urban Design Brief dated September 2019, prepared by MHBC Planning for Vive <br />Development Corporation, and attached to Report DSD -20-001 as Appendix "C", be <br />adopted, and that staff be directed to apply the Urban Design Brief through the Site Plan <br />Approval process. <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br />Planning staff is recommending approval of an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning By-law <br />Amendment to permit a new six storey multiple dwelling residential building. The subject lands are <br />made up of two properties, being 155 and 169 Borden Avenue North. A Site Specific Policy Area 51 <br />and Special Use Regulation Provision 753R are proposed to further regulate the proposed development <br />to ensure that the ultimate development is consistent with the revised development concept prepared <br />by the applicant as part of the application process. Planning staff support the redesignation of 169 <br />Borden Avenue from Institutional to Medium Rise Residential, in consideration of the criteria outlined <br />in the Official Plan. The revised development concept is the result of changes to the original proposal, <br />including reducing the height by 1 storey and establishing front, side, and rear yard setbacks that align <br />with the Mid -Rise Buildings Urban Design Guidelines, among others. The proposed Zoning By-law <br />Amendment would bring the lands identified as 169 Borden Avenue back into Zoning By-law 85-1 as <br />residential zones have not been applied to properties in Zoning By-law 2019-051 (CRoZBy). <br />1:7416]:i9 <br />The subject lands are made up of two properties, being 155 and 169 Borden Avenue North. The <br />property at 155 Borden Avenue is currently developed with a single detached dwelling and 169 Borden <br />Avenue North is currently vacant. The properties are approximately 0.691 hectares (1.707 acres) which <br />front onto Borden Street North and are surrounded with existing residential properties on all other sides. <br />The lands are situated in the middle of a block formed by Borden Avenue North, Weber Street East, <br />and East Avenue. <br />The initial application was circulated in May 2019 and a Neighbourhood Information Meeting was held <br />on June 11, 2019. Staff also met with some property owners at their request. Staff have received a <br />revised development concept in response to public input, working meetings, and discussions with <br />internal staff. <br />The Official Plan Amendment application requests to change the land use designation of 169 Borden <br />Avenue North from Institutional to Medium Rise Residential and the land use designation of 155 Borden <br />Avenue North was proposed to change from Low Rise Residential to Medium Rise Residential. The <br />1-2 <br />