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Site Specific Policy Area 52 to permit a ten storey multiple dwelling development on the <br />parcel of land specified and illustrated on Schedule `A', be adopted, in the form shown <br />in the Official Plan Amendment attached to Report DSD 20-002 as Appendix `A', and <br />accordingly forwarded to the Region of Waterloo for approval; AND <br />B. That Zoning By-law Amendment Application ZC15/015/F/GS for Milan Kovacevic, Dean <br />Kovacevic, & Keystone Property Developments Inc. requesting a change from <br />Residential Three (R-3) and Residential Eight (R-8) to Residential Eight with Special <br />Regulation Provision 752R on the parcel of land specified and illustrated on Map No. 1, <br />be approved in the form shown in the "Proposed By-law" dated November 27, 2019, <br />attached to Report DSD 20-002 as Appendix "B"; AND <br />C. That in accordance with Planning Act Section 45 (1.3 & 1.4) applications for minor <br />variances shall be permitted for lands subject to Zoning By-law Amendment Application <br />ZC15/015/F/GS, AND FURTHER <br />D. That the Urban Design Brief dated May 2015 (updated November 2019), and attached to <br />Report DSD -20-002 as Appendix "C", be adopted, and that staff be directed to apply the <br />Urban Design Brief through the Site Plan Approval process. <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br />Planning staff is recommending approval of an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning By-law <br />Amendment to permit a new 10 storey multiple residential building. The recommended Official Plan <br />policies and zoning regulations would permit two additional floors on the building compared to the <br />existing permissions, to use the land area of 39 Avon Road in the calculation for Floor Space Ratio <br />(FSR), and a reduced on-site parking rate. To ensure a built form that is stepped into the <br />neighbourhood, additional step backs and setbacks are also recommended. Only buildings that are <br />less than one storey, such as any garage exit stair or amenity space, are permitted within 58 metres of <br />45 Avon Road. A 3.8 metre landscape buffer, along with a requirement for a visual barrier, is proposed <br />between the above ground parking area and Avon Road. A regulation to require secured and visitor <br />bicycle stalls is also proposed. <br />1:74107:45 <br />The subject lands are made up of three properties, being 859 and 843 Frederick Street as well as 39 <br />Avon Road. The subject lands comprise a C-shaped property with an area of approximately 0.56 <br />hectares (1.38 acres) and are bordered by Frederick Street to the north, Avon Road to the east, a <br />residential property to the south, and a residential property and City -owned park (Rosemount Park) to <br />the west. The lands surround 31 and 35 Avon Road, which have each been redeveloped with multiple <br />dwelling uses (triplexes). Each property is currently developed with a single detached dwelling. While <br />859 and 843 Frederick Street are each development with a single detached dwelling, the current Official <br />Plan policies and Zoning regulations permit multiple dwellings up to 8 storeys in height. <br />Two Neighbourhood Information Meetings were held to gather public input on the applications. Staff <br />also met with the owners and their consultants to work through design and technical comments and <br />concerns. The public input, working meetings, and discussions have resulted in several changes to <br />the proposal. <br />The initial Official Plan Amendment application requested the land use designation be changed to High <br />Rise Residential with a Special Policy to permit a maximum building height to 12 storeys and to increase <br />the maximum FSR to 2.20. The initial Zoning By-law Amendment application requested Residential <br />2-2 <br />