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GENERAL <br />ARTICLE 1 <br />DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS <br />420.1.1 "animal services provider" - defined <br />"animal services provider" means "The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & <br />Startford Perth" which was formerly known as the "Kitchener -Waterloo and North <br />Waterloo Humane Society" and also as "The Animal Welfare Agency South Central <br />Ontario" and which is still commonly referred to in the community as the "Humane <br />Society" and as the "KWHS" and shall include its officers and employees. By-law No. <br />2018-010, 29 January 2018; By-law No. 2019-021, 4 March 2019. <br />420.1.2 "City" - defined <br />"City" means The Corporation of the City of Kitchener. <br />420.1.3 "confirmed designation" - defined <br />"confirmed designation" means any unrescinded potentially dangerous, dangerous, <br />restricted, or prohibited dog designation whether issued under this or any former City <br />chapter respecting dogs: <br />(a) as set out by the animal services provider where the time for requesting <br />an appeal, as specified in the chapter has expired without an appeal being <br />requested; <br />(b) as set out by the animal services provider where an appeal was requested <br />in the time specified in the chapter but the request for an appeal was <br />withdrawn or the appeal was dismissed as abandoned; <br />(c) as affirmed, varied, modified, or substituted by the Dog Designation Appeal <br />Committee where Council has ratified or affirmed the decision of the Dog <br />Designation Appeal Committee; or <br />(d) as varied, modified or substituted by Council where Council has not ratified <br />or affirmed the decision of the Dog Designation Appeal Committee or any <br />part thereof or where Council has in any way varied, modified, or <br />substituted the Dog Designation Appeal Committee's decision; <br />but confirmed designation shall not include a previous designation that has been <br />replaced by a new confirmed designation. <br />420.1.4 "Council" - defined <br />"Council" means the Council of the City. <br />420.1.5 "Dangerous dog" - defined <br />"Dangerous dog" means: <br />(a) a dog that, in the absence of any mitigating factor, has attacked, bitten, or <br />caused injury to a person or has demonstrated a propensity, tendency, or <br />disposition to do so; <br />(b) a dog that, in the absence of any mitigating factor, has significantly injured <br />a domestic animal; or <br />(c) a dog, previously designated as a potentially dangerous dog, that is kept <br />or permitted to be kept by its owner in violation of the requirements for <br />KITCHENER 420.2 DECEMBER 2019 <br />