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GENERAL <br />such dog. <br />420.1.6 "designated dog" - defined <br />"designated dog" shall mean any dog that is the subject of a confirmed designation. <br />420.1.7 "dog" - defined <br />"dog" means any dog, male or female unless otherwise specified in this chapter. <br />420.1.8 "Dog Designation Appeal Committee" - defined <br />"Dog Designation Appeal Committee" means the Committee appointed by Council to <br />perform functions and conduct appeal hearings as set out in this chapter. <br />420.1.9 "Dog Owners' Liability Act" -defined <br />"Dog Owners' Liability Act' shall mean the Dog Owners' Liability Act, R. S.O. 1990, c. D. <br />16. <br />420.1.10 "lodging house" - defined <br />"lodging house" means a dwelling containing one or more lodging units designed to <br />accommodate four or more residents. The residents may share common areas of the <br />dwelling other than the lodging units, and do not appear to function as a household. <br />420.1.11 "mitigating factor" - defined <br />"mitigating factor" means a circumstance which excuses aggressive behavior of a dog <br />and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, may include circumstances where: <br />(a) the dog was, at the time of the aggressive behavior, acting in defence to <br />an attack by a person or domestic animal; <br />(b) the dog was, at the time of the aggressive behaviour, acting in defence of <br />its young or to a person or domestic animal trespassing on the property of <br />its owner; or <br />(c) the dog was, at the time of the aggressive behaviour, being teased, <br />provoked or tormented. <br />420.1.12 "multiple unit dwelling - defined <br />"multiple unit dwelling" means a building containing three or more dwelling units but shall <br />not include a street townhouse dwelling or semi-detached dwelling. <br />420.1.13 "Municipal Act, 2001" - defined <br />"Municipal Act, 2001" shall mean the Municipal Act, 2001, S. 0. 2001, c. 25. <br />420.1.14 "muzzle" - defined <br />"muzzle" means a humane fastening or covering device placed over a dog's mouth, of <br />adequate strength to prevent it from biting as approved by the animal services provider. <br />420.1.15 "officer" - defined <br />"officer" shall include a municipal law enforcement officer, a by-law officer, an employee <br />of the animal services provider, an agent or inspector appointed pursuant to the Ontario <br />KITCHENER 420.3 DECEMBER 2019 <br />