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On June 24, 2019 Council approved the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan,including the Caring <br />Community Goal which focuses in part onhelping to make housing affordable and the strategic <br />action to create an Affordable Housing Strategyby 2020. It is important to Council that the <br />Strategy be developed in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo, the community and the <br />development industry. Council also received on June 24, 2019 a 5 phase Work Plan to complete <br />the strategy, included as Appendix A to this report. Councillors Chapman, Michaud, Schnider <br />and Singh were appointed as Council representatives to the Advisory Committeeproviding <br />advice to staff on developing the Strategy.Funding was provided in the 2019 and 2020 budgets <br />to support the Strategy development. The Strategy is a 2020 Business Plan project. <br />REPORT: <br />Phase 1 ofthe Work Planto develop the Strategy is complete. It included: <br />Developing the project work plan, <br />Draftingthe Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, <br />Draftingan Engagement Plan, <br />RecruitingAdvisory Committee members, <br />Co-Chairs Karen Coviello and Justin Readman hosting the first meeting of the Advisory <br />Committee to review the draft terms of reference and the draft engagement plan. <br />The Housing Needs Assessment attached to this report as Appendix Bcomprises the Phase 2 <br />deliverable of the Work Plan. It included: <br />Collecting, compilingand analyzingvarious aspects of data related to: <br />o Context: <br />activities, <br />o People:Housing demand:Population and household projections,Socio-economic <br />and demographic variables income, household composition, etcetera <br />o Housing Supply:age, condition, form, location <br />o Development Activity:status of meeting growth projections, applications <br />o Homelessness:shelters, supportive and transitional housing, poverty <br />o Gaps:data and information not available, and gaps in housing or services <br />Providing information to help assess the feasibility ofInclusionary Zoning in Kitchener. <br />Figure 1illustrates how the Housing Needs Assessment informsthe Affordable Housing Strategy. <br />Figure 1 -Housing Assessment as Input to Affordable Housing Strategy <br /> <br />7 - 2 <br />