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COUNCIL AGENDA <br />MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 2020CITY OF KITCHENER <br />7:00 P.M.-COUNCIL CHAMBER-2-200 KING STREET WEST <br />WHEREAS in October 2019, the Minister announced the regional review was <br />complete, and made available $143 million to municipalities to help them lower costs <br />and improve services for local residents; and further, <br />WHEREAS the Ontario Government has declined to make the final regional review <br />report available to the public; <br />THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Government be urged to release <br />the final report to the public in order for municipalities to make informed decisions <br />regarding service delivery improvements; <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if the Ontario Government does not wish to <br />release the full and complete report, that specific recommendations and comments <br />contained in the final report be provided to those municipalities affected; <br />BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this resolution be forwarded to the Honourable <br />Premier of Ontario; Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing; the Association of <br />Municipalities of Ontario; the Local Members of Provincial Parliament; and, to the <br />eight regional municipalities, Simcoe County, and their lower-tier municipalities <br />included in theregional review. <br />b.Regional Council Update –Mayor B. Vrbanovic. <br />10.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS <br />11.BY-LAWS ---1ST READING – <br />a. Being a by-law to name private roads as Progress Crescent, Vitality Drive, Wellness <br />Avenue and Visionary Avenue, in theCity of Kitchener. <br />b.Being a by-law to amend Chapter 110 of The City of Kitchener Municipal Coderegarding <br />By-law Enforcement. <br />c.To further amend By-law No. 88-171, being a by-law to designate private roadways as <br />fire routes and to prohibit parking thereon. <br />d.To further amend By-law No. 2008-117, being a by-law to authorize certain on-street <br />and off-street parking of vehicles for use by persons with a disability, and the issuing of <br />permits in respect thereof. <br />e.To further amend By-law No. 2010-190, being a by-law to prohibit unauthorized parking <br />of motor vehicles on private property. <br />f.Being a by-law to provide for the establishing and laying out of part of Tartan Avenue as <br />public highway in the City of Kitchener. (Conveys 0.3m reserves pursuant to conditions <br />of Subdivision 30T-98201). <br />g.Being a by law to assume certain lands within the City of Kitchener as public highway. <br />(Assumes lands shown on registered plans of subdivision as public highways, streets or <br />lands pursuant to Section 31(4) of the Municipal Act, 2001, c.25). <br />h.Being a by-law to provide for the widening of part of Heiman Street as public highway in <br />the City of Kitchener. (Pursuant to Condition of Site Plan Approval). <br />i.Being a by-law to exempt certain lots from Part Lot Control –Blocks 1 and 4, Registered <br />Plan 58M-619 –15 Tartan Ave (Exempts lands shown on –Tartan Avenue from Part <br />Lot Control). <br />j.Being a by-law to exempt certain lots from Part Lot Control –Block 73, Registered Plan <br />58M-503 –Robert Ferrie Drive (Exempts lands shown on –Robert Ferrie Drive from <br />Part Lot Control). <br />