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REPORT: <br />Tenders were advertised publiclyonthe City of Kitchener website. Documents were <br />downloaded by thirty-five (35) interested parties and by the closing date of Monday December <br />2, 2019,twelve (12) tenders had been received. <br />The following tenders were received: <br />Bid Price <br />J-AAR Excavating Limited London ON $2,680,339.52 * <br />Gedco Excavating Ltd. Brantford ON $3,089,654.55 <br />Oxford Civil Group Inc. Woodstock ON $3,158,617.70 <br />Bel-Air Excavating & Grading Ltd. Cambridge ON $3,167,614.59 <br />Sierra Infrastructure Inc Woodstock ON $3,168,521.66 <br />Steed and Evans Limited St. Jacobs ON $3,182,444.43 <br />Regional Sewer and WatermainLtd Cambridge ON $3,186,233.16 <br />Nabolsy Contracting Inc. Mississauga ON $3,231,173.41 <br />J. Weber ContractingLimited Breslau ON $3,349,773.19 <br />E. & E. Seegmiller Limited Kitchener ON $3,649,128.21 <br />410754 Ontario Limited o/aSousa Concrete Cambridge ON $4,386,578.08 <br />Lakeside ContractingCompany Limited Mississauga ON $7,399,280.68 <br />The tenders were reviewed by D. Roga, MTE Consulting Inc., the City’s Consultant for the project <br />and D. Lupsa,Engineering Design and Approvalswho concur with the above recommendation. <br />ALIGNMENT WITH CITY OF KITCHENER STRATEGIC PLAN: <br />The recommendation of this report supports the achievement of the city’s strategic vision through <br />the delivery of core service. <br />1.i - 2 <br />