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FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />In addition to the costs anticipated in this tender, the design and implementation of these types <br />of projects typically involves city staff and resources from across the corporation. These costs <br />are included in the line item "Projected Costs: Staff Time/Permitting/Material testing", and will be <br />itemized when they exceed $125,000. Included in this line item are staff time and expenses for <br />all city staff in support of the project such as Engineering, Kitchener Utilities, and Transportation <br />Planning. The line item also includes all regulatory permitting, geotechnical and material testing, <br />detouring and traffic control, alternate access and parking requirements and any other <br />miscellaneous costs. Projects utilizing in-house staff will include costs for inspection during <br />construction and contract administration. <br />The net cost for this tender (A), is fair and reasonable for a purchase of this scope and the upset <br />limit is within the budget allowance (B) provided within the budget. Funding for thispurchase is <br />included within the 2020 capital budget. The estimated surplus (E) will be closed out to the Tax <br />Capital reserve. <br />Tender T19-175 <br />Queen Street Placemaking Construction <br />Estimated Cost for this Phase of Work <br />Tender T19-175 costs, including HST3,309,073.25 <br />less: HST rebate on tender(329,150.15) <br />Net Cost Being Awarded2,979,923.10 A <br />Projected Costs: Staff Time/Material Testing 65,000.00 <br />Projected Costs: Street Furniture250,000.00 <br />Projected Costs: Ornamental Street Lighting167,477.26 <br />Projected Costs: Contingency150,000.00 <br />Total Estimated Cost for this Phase of Work3,612,400.36 C <br />Budget for this Phase of Work <br />Capital out of Current870,000.00 <br />Transfer from Engineering -Laneway Rehab Program 26,000.00 <br />Private Contribution (Business Improvement Association)300,000.00 <br />Cost Sharing (Kitchener Utilities) 18,667.77 <br />Tax Capital Reserve611,000.00 <br />Federal Gas Tax Reserve2,020,000.00 <br />Ontario Main St Revitalization Grant 50,000.00 <br />Transfer from Transportation Planning -Ornamental Lighting Fund 65,000.00 <br />Total Budget for this Phase of Work3,960,667.77 B <br />Estimated Surplus/(Deficit) for this Phase of Work (B -C)348,267.41 D <br />Estimated Surplus/(Deficit) from previous phases (1,604.34) <br />Total Estimated Surplus/(Deficit) 346,663.07 E <br />1.iii - 3 <br />