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REPORT TO: Committee of the Whole <br />DATE OF MEETING:January 27, 2020 <br />SUBMITTED BY: Kathryn Dever,Director,Strategy & Corporate Performance, <br />519 741-2200 ext. 7370 <br />PREPARED BY:Karen Cooper, Manager, Strategic & Business Planning, <br />519 741-2200 ext. 7817 <br />WARD (S) INVOLVED:All <br />DATE OF REPORT:January 8, 2020 <br />REPORT NO.:CAO-19-017 <br />SUBJECT:Compass Kitchener Advisory Committee Work Program <br />___________________________________________________________________________ <br />FOR DISCUSSION <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The purpose of this report is to present the Compass Kitchener Work Plan for Council feedback. <br />Council Policy GOV-BOA-077 (Compass Kitchener Terms of Reference) identifies the goals, <br />objectives and responsibilities of the Compass Kitchener Citizen Advisory Committee. In <br />summary, responsibilities include: <br />Designing and implementing public engagement processes in collaboration with staff to <br />validate the community’s vision and major strategic priorities and recommending critical <br />community priorities before each municipal election. <br />Reporting to Council on critical community priorities to assist in the establishment of, and <br />updating of, Council’s four year Strategic Plan and annual Business Plans. <br />Developing evaluation criteria in collaboration with staffreflective of the community’s <br />prioritiesand monitoring the City’s performance against goals included in the Strategic Plan <br />for the City of Kitchener. <br />Reporting on performance to Council and the Community on an annual (Report Card) basis. <br />Ensuring communication and collaboration among Advisory Committees of Council by <br />convening two yearly meetings, one for Chairs and Vice Chairs and the second for the full <br />membership of all Advisory Committees. <br />Developing a yearly workplan and submitting it to Council forfeedback. <br />RE <br />PORT: <br />Compass Kitchener 2019 Accomplishments <br />Compass Kitchener has requested that Council be informed of Compass Kitchener’s <br />accomplishments in completing the 2019work plan. <br />*** This information is available in accessible formats upon request. *** <br />Please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994for assistance. <br />3 - 1 <br />