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00 <br />..00 <br />685 <br />, <br />HST) <br />217392,000 <br />Award <br />Amount <br />$$$127,000.00 <br />Exclusive of <br />( <br />9) <br />00 <br />. <br />, 201 <br />000 <br />, <br /> 31 <br />Budget <br />Amount420 <br />$$400,000.00$157,000.00 <br />December <br />9 – <br />ON <br />, 201 <br /> 1 <br />Awarded Vendor(s) <br />a+Link Architecture Inc.,London ONAltruckBurlingtonCommander Industries Inc.Strathroy ON <br />October <br />9 <br />the <br />will <br />and <br />) year <br />11 <br />( <br />aintenance <br />This unit <br />Sanitary <br />- <br />eleven <br />an <br />ashroom and change <br />the second phase of . The second phase <br />l have <br />as approved in the 201 <br />ing, tennis courts (lit), <br />Description <br />is for <br />interior and exterior facility <br />the cleaning of catch basins across <br />This unit wil <br />2, 463, 465, 474, 478, 481, and 483 in <br />bodies will be installed on eight (8) new <br />Parks and Cemeteries, along with one <br />Listing of Approved Bid Solicitations ( <br />– <br />– <br />used for <br />These cab and chassis vehicles, which are replacing units 46INS <br />This proposal South Kitchener District Park (SKDP) site and facility developmentincludes; development to convert the existing heritage residence to public wrooms, a new operations and <br /> mbuilding within an existing compound, and further site development including roadway extension, parkbasketball courts, volleyball courts, tree planting and landscaping. <br />This is an additional unit for INSStormwater UtilitiesAnnual Fleet Equipment Review.bethe City.lifecycle. <br />Appendix 1 <br />Heritage <br />Professional <br />kg (56,000 lb) <br />106 <br />183 Supply and 199 Supply, <br />Phase 2 Site <br />- <br />-- <br />Bid Solicitation <br />Number & Name <br />P19Services – House Washroom Conversion, New Maintenance BuildingandDevelopmentT19Delivery of One (1) 25,401G.V.W. Tandem Rear Wheel Conventional Cab and Chassis with Catch Basin CleanerT19Install, <br /> and Deliver Eight (8) Aluminum Dump Bodies <br />4 - 2 <br />