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PLANNING & STRATEGIC INITIATIVES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br /> <br />AUGUST 10, 2020 -6- CITY OF KITCHENER <br /> <br />2. DSD-20-001 - ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT APPLICATION ZBA20/001/D/GS <br /> - 206 & 210 DUKE STREET EAST <br /> - OWNER: THE TRUSTEES OF THE PILGRIM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN <br />CHURCH & TRUSTEES FOR THE PILGRIM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN <br />CHURCH <br /> - <br /> <br />Mr. P. Chauvin, MHBC Planning, was in attendance in support of the staff recommendation and <br />spoke to the site's zoning and the possible future redevelopment. <br /> <br />Ms. K. Dawson and Ms. K. Callaghan were in attendance in opposition to the subject Zone <br />Change application. They expressed concerns with: crime in the downtown core; the potential <br />height of future developments; and, emphasized the need to encourage family residences in the <br />neighbourhood. <br /> <br />On motion by Councillor B. Ioannidis - <br />it was resolved: <br /> <br />That Zoning By-law Amendment Application ZBA20/001/D/GS for The Trustees of the <br />Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church & Trustees for the Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran <br />Church requesting a change from Neighbourhood Institutional Zone (I-1) and Residential <br />Seven (R-7) to Residential Seven (R-7) with Special Regulation 755R and Special Use <br />Provision 480U on the parcels of land specified and illustrated on Map No. 1, be approved <br />-Development <br />Services Department report DSD-20-069 and further, <br /> <br />That in accordance with Planning Act Section 45 (1.3 & 1.4) applications for minor <br />variance shall be permitted for lands subject to Zoning By-law Amendment Application <br />ZBA20/001/D/GS. <br /> <br />3. DSD-20-079 - DRAFT PLAN OF CONDOMIMIUM (VACANT LAND) 30CDM-19205 <br /> - 625 BLAIR CREEK DRIVE <br /> - HALLMAN CONSTRUCTION INC. <br /> <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD-20-079, dated June <br />30, 2020, recommending approval of Condominium Application 30CDM-19205 for 625 Blair <br />Creek Drive. <br /> <br />Mr. P. Britton, MHBC Planning, was in attendance in support of the staff recommendation. <br /> <br />On motion by Councillor C. Michaud <br />it was resolved: <br /> <br />That the City of Kitchener, pursuant to Section 51(31) of the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, <br />c.P.13, as amended, and By-law 2002-164 of the City of Kitchener, as amended, hereby <br />grants draft approval to condominium Application 30CDM-19205 for 625 Blair Creek Drive <br />in the City of Kitchener, subject to the conditions shown in Development Services <br />Department report DSD-20-079, <br /> <br />4. ADJOURNMENT <br /> <br />On motion, this meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m. <br /> <br /> <br />S. Goldrup <br />Committee Administrator <br /> <br />