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REPORT: <br />Overall Status of the 2020 Business PlanProjects <br />The 2020 Business Plan includes 22 business plan projects. As of August 31, twobusiness plan projects <br />have been completed in 2020. Fifteen business plan projects are currently underway, while 5 business <br />plan projects have not yet started due to the pandemic. <br />The 2019-2022 Strategic Plan includes five goals and 25 strategic actions to be implemented during this <br />term of Council. The2020 Business Plan includes all 25 strategic actions. Threestrategicactions were <br />completed previously in 2019.The 25 strategic actions encompass 35 strategic projects as some actions <br />contain multiple projects. Figure 1 illustrates the Status of BusinessPlanand Strategic Plan projects. <br />Figure 1 -August 2020 Business Plan Status <br />40 <br />35 <br />30 <br />25 <br />20 <br />15 <br />10 <br />5 <br />0 <br />Business Plan Projects Strategic Plan Projects <br />Status of the Strategic Plan Actions <br />Of the 25strategic plan actions, threewere completed in 2019, 20were scheduled to be underwaythis <br />yearandtwoactionswere to commence in 2021.Two of the 20 scheduled actions are being moved to <br />2021.Nine actions were to be completed in 2020, and sixare on targetto be completed this year. <br />Figure 2: August 2020 Status of Strategic Plan Actions by Goal <br />6 <br />5 <br />4 <br />3NOT STARTED <br />IN PROGRESS <br />2 <br />COMPLETED <br />1 <br />0 <br />People FriendlyEnvironmentalVibrantCaringGreat <br />TransportationLeadershipEconomyCommunityCustomer <br />Service <br />4 - 2 <br />