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Cycling and Trails Master Plan I Connections Report <br />fj <br />CONNECTIONS <br />Building connections was identified as a key theme of the <br />Cycling and Trails Master Plan. This includes connecting the <br />on -street cycling and off-street trails network as a way to <br />connect neighbourhoods, people, and destinations. <br />A key focus of this theme is to create connections that build <br />off the existing on -street cycling and off-street trails network <br />that is already in place throughout the city. The connections <br />should also leverage the existing regional cycling and trail <br />infrastructure to ensure connectivity across jurisdictions. <br />Through the implementation of new routes as well as <br />enhancements to existing infrastructure, the City can work <br />to ensure that walking, rolling, and cycling are safe and <br />comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. <br />The strategies identified under the theme of connections <br />aim to establish a network of on -street cycling routes <br />and off-street trails that is comfortable, complete, and <br />connected. Additionally, the intent is to create a network <br />that is integrated with other mobility options such as transit, <br />connected to neighbouring communities, and with integrated <br />facilities on roadways under the jurisdiction of the Region <br />of Waterloo. The strategies and actions under the theme of <br />connections will work to achieve the first goal of the plan to <br />build more connections within Kitchener. <br />Through public engagement, input was collected on the <br />level of support for the proposed strategies and actions <br />related to the theme of connections. Public input highlighted <br />the importance of enhancing the existing on -street cycling <br />and off-street trails network by filling gaps in the network <br />and making improvements at locations that create network <br />barriers. Community members and stakeholders also noted a <br />strong desire for more facilities that are physically separated <br />from motor vehicles, and cycling routes that are comfortable <br />for people of all ages and abilities. <br />