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Cycling and Trails Master Plan I Experience Report <br />F2j <br />EXPERIENCE <br />For cycling and trail use to become more attractive and <br />competitive ways to move around the City, they need to <br />be as safe and convenient as possible. Strategies aimed at <br />improving the user experience relate to how cycling routes <br />and trails are integrated into neighbourhoods as well as the <br />types of supporting infrastructure that is needed to support <br />the convenient and comfortable use of the network across <br />the city. The strategies and actions under the theme of <br />experience focus on achieving the second goal of the Cycling <br />and Trails Master Plan which is to provide a safe and high <br />quality experience. <br />A key focus of this theme is to ensure that using cycling <br />routes and trails in Kitchener is easy, stress -free, and as <br />seamless as possible. This can be done through a variety <br />of approaches, such as providing short-term and long-term <br />bicycle parking, wayfinding, and maintaining the network <br />year-round. This theme also identifies the importance of land <br />use and considerations regarding future technologies and <br />new ways to travel around. <br />Through the public engagement process, input was collected <br />noting the importance of maintaining the cycling and trails <br />network year-round and providing more information about <br />snow and ice clearing and maintenance practices. Having an <br />easy and intuitive way to report maintenance concerns to the <br />City was also identified. <br />Wayfinding and signage were also identified as critical to <br />making the cycling and trails network easy to navigate and <br />connecting people to the destinations they want to go. <br />Branding and route naming were suggested as a way to make <br />routes more recognizable throughout the City. <br />Providing a convenient and high quality experience for <br />people every time they use cycling routes or trails will <br />help to make walking, rolling, and cycling more desirable <br />transportation options. <br />