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Cycling and Trails Master Plan I Culture Report <br />fj <br />CULTURE <br />While the installation of new cycling routes and trails is <br />critical to increase the number of people walking, rolling, and <br />cycling in Kitchener, a range of'soft'support measures are <br />also important to encourage more cycling and trail use. The <br />strategies and actions under the theme of culture focus on <br />achieving the third goal of the Cycling and Trails Master Plan <br />to create a culture of active living. <br />These measures can help to provide education and raise <br />awareness about cycling routes and trails in Kitchener and <br />help achieve the goal of building a culture of active living. <br />The theme of culture includes a range of strategies and <br />actions that address support measures such as education, <br />encouragement, and heightened awareness. These are all <br />done with the intent of making cycling and trail use a safe, <br />fun, and accessible part of everyday life. <br />Some of the ways the City can work to create an active <br />culture and increase awareness and promotion of cycling <br />routes and trails is through education and encouragement <br />initiatives, skills -building programs, promotional campaigns, <br />sharing updates on how the plan is being implemented, and <br />public education campaigns. <br />Education and encouragement initiatives can include <br />providing information to the public on the benefits of active <br />travel, hosting events to promote walking, rolling, and cycling, <br />and supporting programs that teach skills and awareness <br />of road safety. Education and awareness initiatives are <br />important and cost-effective measures to enable residents <br />to feel safer and more comfortable using cycling routes and <br />trails in Kitchener, and are important actions in addition to <br />providing cycling routes and trails. <br />