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It is hoped that the Working Center will be able to continue to support the program. The <br />partnership between City and Working Center provides multiple benefits to the <br />community; it provides an effective way of clearing snow from properties in the assisted <br />services program as demonstrated in previous years pilot programs, and also delivers <br />significant social value. Through this program, the Working Center is able to provide <br />meaningful employment to low-income and street-involved individuals. <br />The grant provided to the Working Center each year will be reflective of the number of <br />residential properties being supported each year. It is estimated that this grant will be <br />$120k in 2020/21, increasing by approximately $50k annuallyuntil demand for the <br />program is met. <br />Residents will be able to apply to participate in the program each year through an <br />application process. Previous recipients will be invited to re-apply each year. Applicants <br />will need to confirm age and/or disability status and confirm financial eligibility. Staff will <br />actively promote the program, seeking to ensurea high level of community awareness of <br />the program and that all members of the community that could benefit from the program <br />are aware of it. Through this communication and sustained growth in the program it is <br />hoped that capacity will grow so that all eligible members of our community that wish to <br />use the program are able to be supported. <br />The term of the initial grant is three years to provide the Working Center the maximum <br />ability to be able to plan to support the program through its growth. If at any time the <br />Working Centre is unable to support the whole program, the grant will not be paid and <br />alternative delivery solutions sought. In the event that the Working Center is onlyable to <br />meet part of the demand, the grant will be reduced accordingly and staff will seeking to <br />locate alternative means (contract out) any remaining eligible residential clearing needs. <br />Sustained growth of the program will be pending annual budgetary approvals by Council. <br />INFORM: <br />This report has been posted to the City’s website with the agenda in advance of the <br />council / committee meeting. <br />ALIGNMENT WITH CITY OF KITCHENER STRATEGIC PLAN: <br />The recommendation of this report supports the achievement of the city’s strategic vision <br />throughthe delivery of core service. <br />FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />Council has directed that 175 spaces are available on the program in 2020/21 and that <br />this should be increased by 75 spaces annually thereafter. Funding to support the <br />program is referred to annual budgetary processes but is estimated at: <br />1 - 2 <br />