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COMMUNITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />OCTOBER 19, 2020-15-CITY OF KITCHENER <br />3.CSD-20-004-ADVANCING THE CITY’S WORK ON EQUITY, ANTI-RACISM, INDIGENOUS <br />INITIATIVES & SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES (E.G. HOMELESSNESS) (CONT’D) <br />Councillor Marsh’s amendment was then voted on and was Carried, on a recorded vote with <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors D. Schnider, C Michaud, P. Singh, B. Ioannidis, M. <br />Johnston, D. Chapman, S. Marsh and K. Galloway-Sealock voting in favour; and, Councillors J. <br />Gazzola and S. Davey voting in opposition. <br />The following motion was then voted on and was Carried, on a recorded vote with Mayor B. <br />Vrbanovic and Councillors S. Davey,D. Schnider, C Michaud, P. Singh, B.Ioannidis, M. <br />Johnston, D. Chapman, S. Marsh and K. Galloway-Sealock voting in favour; and, Councillor J. <br />Gazzolavoting in opposition. <br />On motion by CouncillorS. Marsh - <br />it was resolved: <br />“That the City advance its work on equity, anti-racism and Indigenous initiatives, as well <br />as other social justice issues (e.g.,homelessness), through the creation of a dedicated <br />staff team, as outlined in Community Services Department report CSD-20-004, which will <br />provide senior level leadership and internal staff expertise in these areas; and, <br />That the associated funding for that team be built into the 2021 budget; and, <br />That the job postings for all five positions include explicitly clear language thatwill strongly <br />encourage people of equity-seeking backgrounds with lived experience of racism and <br />systemic oppression to apply; and, <br />That for the job postings for the top three leadership roles include language that calls on <br />members of the black and Indigenous and people of colour communities to apply; and, <br />That the hiring process seek out applicants with a deep and nuanced understanding of <br />an equity lens; and further, <br />That the terms of reference defining the staff team roles include wording that ensures <br />over the long-term, regardless of staff turnover, individuals applying to those roles in the <br />future continue to be strongly encouraged to have equity-seeking backgrounds with lived <br />experience in racism and systemic oppression.” <br />4.INS-20-016-NATURAL GAS RATES <br />The Committee considered InfrastructureServices Department report INS-20-016, dated <br />October 8, 2020recommending approval of the natural gas rates as outlined in the Report.G. <br />St. Louis provided a brief overview of the Report and responded to questions from the <br />Committee. <br />On motion by CouncillorS. Davey- <br />it was resolved: <br />“That Kitchener Utilities’ natural gas rates be approved as proposed in Appendix ‘A’ of <br />Infrastructure Services Department report INS-20-016 for all Kitchener delivery <br />customers effective November 1, 2020.” <br />5.INS-20-015-2020 CYCLING AND TRAILS MASTER PLAN <br />The Committee considered InfrastructureServices Department reportINS-20-015, dated <br />October 6, 2020regarding the 2020 Cycling and Trails Master Plan. In addition, the Committee <br />was in receipt of a written submission dated October 16, 2020 from Sam Nabi in support of the <br />recommendation as outlined in Report INS-20-015.L. Christensen,N. Lobleyand B. Cronkite <br />wereinattendance to respond to questions from the Committee. <br />Brian Patterson, Urban System, presented the 2020 Cycling and Trails Master Plan, noting the <br />plan isintended to be the City’s guiding document forcyclingand trails for the next 25 years. <br />