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On August 31, 2020, Council deferred a decision until October 5, 2020 to allow the Region time <br />to completepublic engagement. Council further requestedtheRegion to consider the Double <br />Direct Elect Representation model for Regional Councilas part of their review and consultation <br />process. <br />Since staff had not received any communication from the Region for the October 5, 2020Council <br />meeting, staff elected to wait until such correspondence had been received to bring this before <br />Council.As such, further correspondence dated October 14, 2020(Appendix ‘A’), was received <br />from the Region concerning Regional Council Composition Review – Selection of Final Option <br />(PDL-CAS-20-11– Appendix ‘B’). This correspondence and PDL-CAS-20-11 were subsequently <br />circulated to Kitchener City Council and CLT on October 15, 2020. <br />As per the Region’s request, this report has been brought forward totheCommittee of the Whole <br />this dateto pass a resolution consenting to the current composition of Regional Council for the <br />purpose of the fulfilling the triple majority as outlined in PDL-CAS-20-11. Regional Councilhas <br />requested Council to pass a resolution before November 15, 2020 since final confirmation will <br />be done by Regional Council on November 25, 2020. <br />REPORT: <br />The Region, being an upper tier municipality, is required under the Municipal Actto conduct a <br />Council Composition Review before the end of 2020.The Region is required to pass a resolution <br />to maintain the status quo or pass a by-law to change the size of Regional Council by the end <br />of 2020.This by-law or resolution must be endorsed by a triple majority, being: <br />a majority of the votes on Regional Council; <br />supportive resolutions from a majority of the Councils of the area municipalities; and <br />the area municipalities that have passed resolutions consenting to the by-law, or the <br />resolution, must represent a majority of the electors in the Region. <br />If the triple majority is not obtained, the Municipal Actallows the Minister of Municipal Affairs & <br />Housing to change the composition of Regional Council through the adoption of a regulation. <br />Provincial legislation requires that the composition of Regional Council be reviewed again <br />following the 2026 election. <br />To commence the composition review process, the Region hired a consultant to work with <br />Regional staff and four (4)options were developed for inclusion in the public consultation <br />processvia an online public survey as well asa public input meeting that was held on September <br />30, 2020. Area municipalities were also consulted for input. Council requested that the Region <br />include the Double Direct Elect Representation model as an alternative option for Regional <br />Council composition as part of the public consultation processbut whilePDL-CAS-20-11 <br />acknowledgesCouncil’s request, there is no indication this alternative model was actually <br />advanced during that consultation process. <br />2 - 2 <br />