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1916111kiIN10d,IIki011*11 <br />OCTOBER 26, 2020 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Council of the City of Kitchener met electronically this date at 7:00 p.m. Chaired by Acting Mayor <br />Councillor P. Singh with all members present except for Mayor B. Vrbanovic. <br />1. COMMENCEMENT — <br />The meeting began with a Land Acknowledgement given by the Acting Mayor and the singing of "O <br />Canada". <br />2. MINUTES — <br />On motion by Councillor S. Marsh, the minutes of the regular meeting held October 5, 2020, and special <br />meetings held October 5, 19, and 20, 2020, as mailed to the Mayor and Councillors, were accepted. <br />3. DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST AND THE GENERAL NATURE THEREOF — NIL <br />4. COMMUNICATIONS REFERRED TO FILE — NIL <br />5. PRESENTATIONS — <br />5.a. Volunteer Long Term Service Awards <br />On behalf of Council, Acting Mayor Councillor P. Singh and Councillors D. Schnider, B. loannidis, K. <br />Galloway-Sealock, D. Chapman and S. Marsh acknowledged the following recipients of Certificates of <br />Appreciation and Long Service Recognition Awards: <br />Minor Sports Groups <br />• K -W Gymnastics Club — 55 years; <br />• Forest Hill T -Ball Association — 50 years; <br />• K -W Sidewinders Sledge Hockey Club — 40 years; <br />• South-West Kitchener Optimist T -Ball — 40 years; <br />• Waterloo Region Artistic Swim Club (previously KW Synchro and Waterloo Synchro) — 35 years; <br />• Excelsior Fencing Club — 35 years; and, <br />• K -W Special Olympics — 25 years. <br />Neighbourhood Associations <br />• Forest Heights Community Association — 45 years; <br />• Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association — 25 years; <br />• Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association — 45 years; <br />• Auditorium Neighbourhood Association — 30 years; <br />• Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance — 15 years; and, <br />• King East Neighbourhood Association — 5 years. <br />5.b. Reep Green Solutions Annual Impact Report <br />Mary Jane Patterson, Executive Director, Reep Green Solutions, was in attendance to present Council <br />with the 2020 Reep Green Solutions Annual Impact Report. <br />5.c. Rare Charitable Research Reserve — Land Securement Strategy <br />Dr. Stephanie Sobek-Swant was in attendance to present the Rare Charitable Research Reserve Land <br />Securement Strategy. <br />6. DELEGATIONS — <br />6.a. Bramm Yards <br />Shirley Gosselin, Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association, was in attendance to speak to the sale of <br />the Bramm Yards to developers. S. Gosselin requested Council consider using the lands to develop a <br />community centre in Ward 9, or for not-for-profit housing, and urged Council to consult with the local <br />community before any specific City land is disposed of. <br />