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COUNCIL MINUTES <br />OCTOBER 26, 2020 -120- CITY OF KITCHENER <br />Myron Steinman was in attendance to speak to the sale of the Bramm Yards. M. Steinman suggested <br />the sale of the property should be for the purpose of developing affordable housing, and further <br />requested additional public consultation with respect to future uses on the land. <br />Cory Bluhm, Executive Director of Economic Development, informed Council that before any decisions <br />are made on City -owned land sales, there are extensive public engagement and consultation <br />opportunities for citizens to provide input. <br />Council considered Development Services Department report DSD -20-056 (C. Bluhm) listed as Item <br />8.a under Unfinished Business dated this date. <br />Moved by Councillor M. Johnston <br />Seconded by Councillor D. Schnider <br />"That Make it Kitchener 2.0, attached as Appendix A to Development Services <br />Department report DSD -20-056, be approved as the strategy to guide the City's future <br />actions and investments in support of economic recovery and growth, from 2020 through <br />2025 -land, <br />That a new Economic Development Investment Fund (EDIF 2.0) be approved, enabling <br />City Council to invest up to $110 million in the local economy from 2020-2030; and, <br />That funding for the Economic Development Investment Fund (EDIF 2.0) be achieved, <br />through the following: <br />a) Utilization of approximately $10 million from the Economic Development <br />Reserve; <br />b) Re -issuance of debt utilizing 40% of the debt room from the original Economic <br />Development Investment Fund, for 8 years, totaling approximately $20 million; <br />and, <br />c) The strategic sale and disposition of City -owned lands, with sale proceeds being <br />allocated to the Economic Development Investment Fund to support future <br />investments; and, <br />That the Economic Development Investment Fund (EDIF 2.0) be created in accordance <br />with Appendix C of report DSD -20-056; and further, <br />That City staff immediately commence additional engagement with business leaders and <br />COVID-impacted businesses for the purpose of providing Council with a detailed action <br />plan by January 2021 to support impacted businesses and displaced workers, utilizing up <br />to $5 million from the proposed Economic Development Investment Fund as a priority <br />investment." <br />In Favour: Acting Mayor Councillor P. Singh <br />and Councillors S. Marsh, S. Davey, M. <br />Johnston, B. loannidis. K. Galloway-Sealock, D. <br />Schnider, C. Michaud, and D. Chapman. <br />Contra: Councillor J. Gazzola <br />Absent: Mayor B. Vrbanovic <br />Carried on a Recorded Vote. <br />6.b. Gas-fired Electricity Generation Notice of Motion <br />Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Megan Ruttan, and Mike Morrice were in attendance to speak <br />in support of the Gas-fired Electricity Generation Notice of Motion introduced by Councillor D. <br />Chapman. <br />