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GRAND RIVER <br /> ACCESSIBILITY <br /> ADVISORY <br /> GRAACCOMMITTEE <br /> Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee <br /> Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020 <br /> Location: Zoom Meeting <br /> Present: Donna Hartzler, Janis McKenzie (City of Kitchener), Dawn Clelland (Co-Chair), Carrie Speers, <br /> Councillor Sandra Hanmer (City of Waterloo), Heather Clark-Harris, Tracey Murray (Township of Wilmot), Rob <br /> Bender, Jeff Smith (Township of Woolwich), Trevor Tamlin, Andrena Lockley-Brown, , Ashley Sage (Township <br /> of North Dumfries), Amy Harron (Township of Wellesley), LoriAnn Palubeski, (City of Kitchener/City of <br /> Waterloo), Brenda Robinson (Co-Chair), Councillor Debbie Chapman (City of Kitchener), Greg Moore, Berny <br /> Wesselink, Jolene MacDonald, Sanjay Govindaraj (Region of Waterloo), Mamie Sealey-Baker, Councillor Sue <br /> Foxton (Region of Waterloo), <br /> Regrets Lolita Paroski (City of Kitchener/City of Waterloo), Paula Saunders, Tamara Bell, <br /> 1. Welcome and Introductions <br /> 2. Approval of September minutes and October Agenda <br /> Berny motioned to approve September minutes. Carrie seconded. All in favour. Donna motioned to approve <br /> the October agenda. Andrena seconded. All in favour. <br /> 3. Declarations of Pecuniary Interests <br /> None <br /> 4. Zoom Meeting Housekeeping <br /> Protocol set out to the committee regarding Zoom meetings. <br /> 5. Downtown Cycling Grid, Darren Kropf, Active Transportation <br /> The City of Kitchener's strategic plan includes the construction of a continuous and protected cycling network <br /> that connects adjacent neighbourhoods to the downtown. Following consultation of more than 4,000 people, <br /> the grid is designed to target all ages and abilities of people who would like to bike more often but currently <br /> don't due to safety concerns. The grid connects to popular trails like the Spur Line Trail, Iron Horse Trail and <br /> the Great Trail, providing a new, safe and convenient way for people on bikes to access all that downtown has <br /> to offer. <br /> Comments/Feedback <br /> • Shared trail with bikes and people — bushes should be at least a foot away from the trail giving lots of <br /> operating space around the trail. <br /> • Speed limits for bikes on mixed trails is an issue especially E-bike are a concern, city bylaws will apply. <br /> • How does one find and get to a floating bus stop if they are a person with a visual disability? This will <br /> need to be reviewed with GRT. Tactile Guide strips could be useful in this case. <br /> • Cyclists need to be trained on how to use the trail. Recommend a Cyclist Education Campaign. <br /> • How far up Cedar street will the trail go? Up the hill to Church Street to connect to Joseph Street. <br />