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Housing for All sets out 7 priorities: <br />o Human Rights Based Approach to Housing <br />o Commitment to Lived Experience Collaboration <br />o Help End Homelessness <br />o Help Secure Community, Affordable Rental and Affordable Ownership Housing <br />o Advocacy <br />o Align Policies, Processes & Use of City Land to Facilitate More Affordable Housing <br />o Fill Data Gaps and Establish Effective Monitoring and Accountability Mechanisms <br />Financial implications have been addressed through the proposed 2021 budget, <br />including operational funding of $125,000 in Development Services to support housing <br />initiatives, existing staff resources in Planning and Economic Development, the council <br />approved creation of a position in the new Equity Team to ensure implementation of the <br />strategy and up to $15 million through the Economic Development Investment Fund and <br />development ofinnovative investment models, leadership and partnerships in creating <br />mixed-income communities. <br />Community engagement included in person and virtual meetings of the Advisory <br />Committee and its sub-committees, two Engage Kitchener Surveys to capture public <br />comments, meetings and interviews with diverse stakeholders and related engagement <br />in the creation of Make It Kitchener 2.0 where affordable and attainable housingwas <br />identified as the community’s top priority. <br />This report supports the Caring Community Strategic Plan Goal by creating an <br />Affordable Housing Strategy. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />On June 24, 2019 Council approved the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, including the Caring <br />Community Goal which focuses in part on helping to make housing affordable and the <br />strategic action to create an Affordable Housing Strategyby 2020in collaboration with the <br />Region of Waterloo, development industry and not-for-profit housing service providers. <br />Council received the Affordable Housing Strategy Work Program summarized in the <br />following graphic on June 24, 2019. <br />Figure 1: Work Program <br />6 - 2 <br />