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PORT: <br />RE <br />Housing for All is Kitchener’s comprehensive strategy to realize the right to housing using <br />the tools available to a local municipality. It is a five-year strategy that builds on work <br />underway, identifies new work to be undertaken, and promotes partnerships and <br />collaboration. <br />Housing Work Across the Region <br />Staff from the Region were represented on the Advisory Committee and contributed to <br />developing the strategy. The Region recently established an inter-municipal group to co- <br />ordinate and collaborate on housing and homelessness issues and opportunities. Each <br />municipality is identifying how it can contribute to address housing issues, including <br />reviewing municipal sites for affordable housing potential. The City of Waterloo has now <br />completed a needs assessment and their Council recently directed their staff to prepare a <br />housing strategy. Consideration of undertaking a housing strategy will be before City of <br />Cambridge Council in February. Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo staff are continuing to <br />work together to advance inclusionary zoning and are interested in further collaboration on <br />policies to advance affordable housing. <br />Kitchener Housing Targets <br />The following housing continuum graphic illustrates housing targets for the city by type of <br />housing and range of household incomes. <br />6 - 4 <br />