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COUNCIL AGENDA <br /> <br /> <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2020 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />7:00 P.M. ELECTRONIC MEETING (TELEVISED/LIVE STREAMED) 200 KING STREET WEST <br /> <br /> <br />1. COMMENCEMENT <br /> <br />Land Acknowledgement. <br /> <br />Singing of "O Canada". <br /> <br />2. MINUTES <br /> <br /> Minutes to be accepted as mailed to the Mayor and Councillors (regular meeting held November <br />23, 2020 and special meetings held November 23, 30 & December 7, 2020) Councillor C. <br />Michaud. <br /> <br />3. DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST AND THE GENERAL NATURE THEREOF <br /> <br />4. COMMUNICATIONS REFERRED TO FILE NIL <br /> <br />5. PRESENTATIONS <br /> <br />a. Pari Karem and Tara Bedard, Immigration Partnership, to present the Immigration <br />Partnership update and 5-year strategy for building community through immigration in <br />Waterloo Region. <br /> <br />b. Mayor B. Vrbanovic to present a Certificate of Service to Councillors S. Davey, B. Ioannidis, <br />P. Singh, and to D. Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer, acknowledging their service to <br />the City of Kitchener. <br /> <br />6. DELEGATIONS <br /> <br />a. Martin Asling, Waterloo Region Yes in my Backyard Regarding the City of Kitchener <br />Housing Strategy, listed as Item B. 6 on the Committee of the Whole agenda. <br /> <br />b. The following delegations have registered regarding Development Services Department <br />report DSD-20-203, listed as Item 6 under the Community and Infrastructure Committee <br />report dated December 7, 2020. <br /> Linda Li <br /> Jorg Broschek <br /> <br />7. REPORTS OF COMMITTEES <br /> <br />8. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br /> <br />9. NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />a. Anthem of Freedom Councillor D. Chapman has given notice that she will introduce the <br /> following motion for consideration this date: <br /> <br />WHEREAS the House of Commons in December 1995 officially recognized <br />February as Black History Month; <br /> <br />WHEREAS Black History Month in Canada continues to play an essential role to <br />educating and reminding Canadians that racism is not a matter just of the past; <br />and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS few Canadians know that slavery once existed in Canada, or that many <br />of the British Loyalists who came here after the American Revolution were Black; <br />and, <br /> <br />*Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request. If you require* <br />assistance to take part in a city meeting or event, please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994. <br />