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the applicant and his consultant. The plans were finally revised to permit a development <br />comprised of Stacked Townhouse and/ or up to 4storey walk-up style built formwith a total <br />of 200 units. The matter was subsequently referredtothe OMB to settle an appeal of the <br />by-law, a holding provision forthe extension of the Strasburg Road and the South Strasburg <br />Trunk Sanitary Sewer was applied to the lands toprohibit the residential development until <br />the services were in place. <br />REPORT: <br />In June 2017the applicant received endorsementfrom the Cityfor a Zoning By-law <br />Amendment, proposing the redevelopment of the subject lands with200 low rise residential <br />units in the form of stacked townhouses or small 4 storey walk up buildings. The application <br />was appealed to the Ontario MunicipalBoard (OMB) for indecision and amending bylaw <br />was finally approved by the OMB on November15, 2017. <br />At the time of the abovementioned zoning by-law amendment Holding Provision 23HSR <br />wasretained within the zoning of the property to prohibit any developmentuntil such time <br />as the holding provision represented by the letter symbols K\[(S)(R)\] as established in <br />Section 3.5.7 of the Zoning By- <br />Director of Planning is in receipt of a letter from the City <br />that the Strasburg Road Extension to Rockcliffe Drive and the Strasburg Road Trunk <br />Sanitary Sewer to Rockcliffe Drive have been satisfactorily completed. <br />th <br />On June 30, 2020, the CityPlanning Directorreceived notification from the <br />of Engineering which confirmed that the extension of Strasburg Road and the related <br />sanitary sewer was completed to Rockcliffe Drive. Consequently, the applicant is requesting <br />removal of Holding Provision 23HSRthrough the subject zone change application in order <br />to allow the site to be developed (see Map No.1 of Appendix A). <br />In this regard, Planning staff recommends removing Holding Provision 23HSR from the <br />lands shown on Map No.1 contained within Appendix A. <br />STRATEGIC PLAN ALIGNMENT: <br />This report supports the delivery of core services. <br />FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />Capital BudgetThe recommendation has no impact on the Capital Budget. <br />Operating BudgetThe recommendation has no impact on the Operating Budget. <br />COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: <br />INFORM-Notice of the intention to pass a by-law to remove the holding provision will be <br />th <br />placed in The Record on January 15, 2021(see Appendix B),Under the Planning Actno <br />statutory public meeting is required for zone change amendments to remove holding <br />provisions, and no neighbourhood circulation is required <br />INFORM <br />the council / committee meeting. <br />1 - 2 <br />